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About Danielle Iacovelli

Danielle is completing her Bachelor of the Arts at the University of Delaware with a degree in Three Languages - Italian, Spanish, and Russian. She is minoring in International Business and Political Science with a specialization in International Affairs. She is passionate about human rights issues, immigration, and diplomacy. Danielle is contributing to the Organization for World Peace as a correspondent in the United States of America.

Redemption For White Supremacists: Is it Possible?

Former neo-Nazi Michael Kent has decided to remove his swastika tattoos after becoming friends with his black probation officer Tiffany Whittier, who he claims pushed away the hate in his life and introduced him to love. Kent was a white supremacist and involved in neo-Nazi groups in Arizona for twenty […]

Polish Doctors Enter Fifth Week Of Hunger Strike

Polish junior doctors at Warsaw’s Pediatric Hospital are about to enter their fifth week of their hunger strike, protesting the lack of government healthcare funding and incredibly long hours with low pay. Hunger strikes are dangerous if carried out over a long period of time, causing deficits of important electrolytes, […]

Ocean Acidification Kills Infant Sea Life

An eight year study conducted by over 250 scientists in the BIOACID Project has found that because of the growing carbon dioxide emissions caused by modern industrial society, the oceans are becoming more acidic and will affect all sea life. The study finds that infant sea creatures will be harmed […]

Italian Students Protest Work Placements

Throughout Italy, thousands of teenage Italian school students protested their work placements. They suggest that these placements provide almost no on-the job training, and also enable employers to exploit lax laws for free labour. Student unions have been organizing the protests through social media, and have claimed that over 200,000 […]

Kneeling During The Anthem: Respecting Or Disrespecting The Foundations Of America?

The National Football League San Francisco 49ers’ quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s protest-by-kneeling, which began in 2016, has recently come under intense scrutiny after President Donald Trump criticized and called for the firing of NFL players across the country that kneel, or otherwise do not participate in, the national anthem. What is […]

Clashes And Arrests At Swedish Neo-Nazi March

More than two dozen Swedes were arrested at a Nordic Resistance Movement (NMR) march on Saturday, September 30 in Gothenburg, Sweden. Organized by the NMR and allowed by police, the march planned to run throughout the city for an estimated three hours. Although it began somewhat peacefully, the situation deteriorated […]

Catalan Voter Suppression Amid Calls For Independence

In Catalonia, Spain, the local separatist government faces one of the largest waves of voter suppression in the country’s recent history as it attempts to hold an independence referendum for the region. Police have seized up to 10 million ballots, imposed fines upon upper level Catalan officials, and temporarily arrested […]

North Korean Defectors Decrease Amid Increasing Propaganda

A new report by the Unification Ministry of South Korea shows that the number of North Korean defectors fleeing the oppressive regime to South Korea has decreased by 13%, a drastic fall from the usually high numbers reported since 2008. Consisting of mostly lower-class workers and farmers, South Korea has […]

Natural Disasters Challenge Climate Change Deniers

Climate change has been an ongoing debate in American politics, splitting sides into those who believe in the existence of human-caused climate change and those who do not, otherwise known as “climate change deniers.” Climate change deniers are considered those who believe that the changing weather patterns are caused by […]

North Korea Fires Missile Over Japan

Public television networks and high-speed bullet trains were interrupted on August 26 as a North Korean ballistic missile flew over Hokkaido, Japan. The Japanese government sent out alerts to the citizens in Tokyo, warning the residents to take cover following the launch of the missile. The missile remained in the air […]