Douglas Berger

Rwanda: The Singapore Of Africa? Not So Fast

Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, is spotless. Plastic bags are banned. Traffic is orderly. Hawkers, panhandlers, and street prostitutes are almost nonexistent. The buses run on time. Even corruption—long the scourge of Rwanda’s Central African neighbors—is difficult to find. “Everywhere else in Africa you feel [corruption] from the traffic cop […]

Kremlin To Investigate Vote Boycott Called By Navalny

The Kremlin on Tuesday announced its desire to see Opposition Leader Alexei Navalny investigated for calling a boycott to the March 2018 Russian Presidential Election. Just hours later, hundreds of Russian celebrities, sports personalities, and politicians gathered to officially nominate President Vladimir Putin for re-election, Reuters reported. He is expected to win easily. […]

Facing Pressure From China, North Korea Turns To Forced Labor In Russia

The United Nations estimates that more than 50,000 North Koreans are labourers in other countries, mainly in Russia and China. This forced labour program is critical for North Korea, as it pulls in between $1.2 billion and $2.3 billion, which is about 20% of the nation’s estimated military budget. Relations […]