Author: Dayna Li

Pope Francis Finally Speaks Out On China’s Uighur Muslims

After being criticized for his silence on human rights violations, specifically relating to the Uighur Muslim population in China, Pope Francis has finally acknowledged them in his new book, Let Us Dream: the Path to a Better Future. The 150-page book, available publicly this month, explains the Pope’s views on

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Despite Rising Awareness Of The LGBTQ Community In Poland, Activists Continue To Face Resistance And Hostility

Bartosz Staszewski has a developed a name for himself by hanging signs saying “LGBT-free zones” in Polish towns that have signed pledges opposing “acts of tolerance” towards the LGBTQ+ population. The signs are meant to physically represent the ideology of towns that have called themselves “LGBT-free zones.” 100 towns have

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Lack Of Support From Russia Disappoints Armenia After Downing Of Russian Helicopter By Azerbaijani Forces

Azerbaijan’s shooting down of a Russian military helicopter near Nagorno-Karabakh left Armenians and Azerbaijanis questioning how Russia might determine the outcome of conflict in the region. A short but bloody conflict has been waged in Nagorno-Karabakh between Armenia and Azerbaijan, with the outcome finally being an Armenian concession to Azerbaijan

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Mass Protests Against Lukashenko Leave Belarus On Edge

Mass protests in Belarus against President Alexander Lukashenko have left the international community wondering about the direction they may take. Protesters have been active since the August 9th election, when Lukashenko had a landslide victory against opposition leader Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya. The protesters claim the election was rigged, shooing-in Lukashenko for

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