Dayna Li

About Dayna Li

Dayna is an OWP Correspondent. She received a BA in comparative politics from Princeton University, where her independent research focused on the European refugee crisis and victims of sex trafficking. In addition to having an interest in this area, she also has a broader interest in human rights, humanitarian relief, and ethnic reconciliation.

Facebook Bans Holocaust Denial Content, A New Progression In The Debate Over Free Speech On Social Media

After 16 years as a social media platform, Facebook is taking more aggressive steps towards censoring content on its site. On October 12th, Facebook issued a ban on all content “denying or distorting the Holocaust,” according to NPR. Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook, was under pressure by multiple […]

Russia Maintains Balance Of Power In The Syrian War, At The Expense Of Human Rights Violations

Russia’s interference in the eight-year-long Syrian Civil War has bolstered Bashar al-Assad’s grip on his crumbling country, at the cost of extensive human rights violations and thousands of civilian lives. In 2015, Russia started to establish its military presence in the region launching what was primarily an air campaign. At […]

After Mali Coup, Civilian And Former Foreign Minister Moctar Ouane Named Interim Prime Minister

Former President of Mali, Ibrahim Boubacar Keita, was held at gunpoint and forced to resign in a coup led by Mali’s military junta on August 18, leaving an interim government in his place. The coup followed months of civilian protests over Keita’s inability to end inter-ethnic violence and violence by […]

The EU-Mercosur Trade Deal’s Environmental Implications And Pushback

The EU-Mercosur free trade agreement, drafted in 2019, has been critiqued in both Europe and South America for its environmental implications. The Mercosur bloc includes Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay. The trade deal would remove trade tariffs between the EU and Mercosur, increase exports, and create a free trade market […]

Netanyahu Privately Supports U.S. Arms Deal With The U.A.E., Despite Public Disavowal

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has privately supported a U.S. arms deal with the United Arab Emirates, despite publicly denouncing the deal. This is concurrent with the U.A.E. and Israel reaching an agreement through a phone call with the United States on August 13th for normalization of relations between Israel […]