Author: Darcy Stern

Mexicans Strike En Masse Against Feminicide

On the 9th of March tens of thousands of women took part in a 24-hour strike against feminicide and gender-based-violence across Mexico. Lawyers, teachers, students, cleaners, bank tellers, and women from all walks of life skipped work, school and social activities to join the strike which denounced gender-based violence and

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Colombian Court Rejects New Abortion Law

On Monday the 2nd of March, the Constitutional Court of Colombia decided to refrain from expanding access to abortions in the South American nation. For now, the status quo will remain where a woman can only abort a child under three circumstances: when the mother’s life is endangered, if the

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Violence Used To Quell Protesters In Greece

On the 25th of February Protests and riots broke out on the Greek Islands of Lesbos and Cios against the construction of a detention centre for refugees by the Greek government. Residents are opposing the government plans as they believe the island cannot sustain an inflow of more people, instead,

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African Democracy Boosted As 2019 Malawian Election Is Annulled

The results of Malawi’s May 2019 presidential vote, which saw Peter Mutharika re-elected for a second term, was annulled by Malawi’s Constitutional Court on Monday, February 3. A panel of five judges ruled that the elections results were mired with a substantial amount of fraud and malpractice. The panel found

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New Law Provides Relief To Displaced Salvadorans

On 9 January, the National Assembly of El Salvador passed legislation that will see internally displaced Salvadorans receive greater protection, aid and offers of greater solutions for their predicaments. While the legislation still needs the signature of El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele to be officially declared as a new law,

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