Dan Alling

UN to Extend War Crimes Investigation in Yemen

The current civil war in Yemen, which has raged since 2015, has recently reached another critical point.  Just last week, the United Nations Human Rights Council voted twenty-one to eight to extend an ongoing war crimes investigation.  Those in favor of the extension claim that there are ample amounts of […]

Is the Taliban Mounting a Resurgence in Afghanistan?

Almost seventeen years since the United States first set foot in Afghanistan, the fragile nation, plagued by government corruption as well as terrorism and insurgency, still faces constant bouts of political and social unrest.  Although the U.S. mounted a robust and deliberate ousting of the Taliban government in Afghanistan immediately […]

Islamophobia Fuels Anti-Refugee Sentiments In South Korea

Since civil war first erupted in Yemen in 2015, many of its citizens have fled as a result of the violence.  Displaced Yemeni citizens have found asylum in neighboring countries in the Middle East as well as across Europe and the United States.  Recently, a small handful have relocated to […]

More Innocent Civilians Killed As Yemen’s Civil War Rages On

The ongoing Yemeni Civil War, which has been raging for the last three years, has recently seen one of its worst instances of civilian violence.  On Thursday, August 9th, the Saudi-led coalition launched an airstrike that killed approximately fifty people, twenty-nine of which were children in a school bus that […]

ISIS Attacks in Syria Illustrate the Dangers of a Weakened Terrorist Group

Although the reign of the Islamic State appears to be waning, the organization still manages to lash out with violent attacks.  One such case came earlier last week when Islamic State fighters carried out joint attacks on Wednesday in the southern Syrian province of Sweida.  The area is predominantly inhabited […]

Ceasefire Still Intact as Worst Violence in Years Erupts Between Hamas and Israel

For months violence has been escalating on the border of Israel and the Gaza Strip between the terrorist group Hamas and Israeli forces.  After a Palestinian sniper killed an Israeli soldier patrolling the border, Israel responded by launching a large-scale bombing campaign throughout Gaza.  The bombings, carried out by Israeli […]

Hundreds Killed In Terrorist Attacks In Pakistan As Elections Near

Pakistan is scheduled for national elections in just under two weeks with the date set for July 25th.  However, the buildup to the elections has been marred by violent terrorist attacks.  On Friday, July 13th, the southwestern province of Baluchistan was hit by a suicide bomb. The Washington Post and […]

Ceasefire In Danger As Syrian Government Forces And Rebels Continue To Clash In Deraa

On Friday July 6th, Syrian rebels and forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad reached a ceasefire agreement in southern Syria which was brokered by one of Assad’s key allies: Russia.  According to an article written by Arwa Ibrahim published in Al Jazeera, the peace deal required that rebels give up […]

Mexico’s Momentous Elections

On Sunday, July 1st, 2018, Mexico’s polls opened up for what is arguably the country’s most important elections.  The current president, Enrique Pena Nieto, will be replaced and Mexican voters will also choose approximately 18,000 others to fill congressional seats, governor positions, and municipal seats. The race for the presidency […]

Turkey’s Pivotal Elections

Turkey’s intensely contested elections, in which they will choose both a president and a parliament, carries significant implications for Turkey and its future.  For Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who has managed to remain in power for 15 years, these elections are crucial.  They represent one of the largest threats to his […]