Author: Thao Ha

Protests in Bangladesh over Visiting of Indian Prime Minister

On March 28, hundreds of extremists attacked Hindu temples. On the same day, a train in eastern Bangladesh was attacked by extremists. Violent protests broke out across the country as well, many of which were directed against Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, whom protestors allege has shunned Indian Muslim minorities.

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The UN Special Envoy Calls For Urgent Action In Myanmar

The continuous massive protests in Yangon, Myanmar, made the security forces forced to use force to restrain coup protesters. The representatives of the countries participating in the meeting expressed deep concern about the escalating violence in Myanmar, causing civilian casualties, and urged the parties to maximum restrain, and ensure safety

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Haitian Anti-Presidential Protests

Haitian President Jovenel Moïse faces escalating challenges to his leadership role after government inspectors found more evidence of scale corruption that caused street protests in the city ​​and strikes in many Haitian cities for several days. In 2018, the scandal surrounded accusations of a high-ranking Haitian civil servant stealing millions

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