Author: Dorothy Settles

Armenia And Azerbaijan Continue To Clash Over Nagorno-Karabakh Region

Ongoing tensions between Armenia and Azerbaijan erupted into heavy fighting on Sunday, September 27th, leaving dozens dead. The violence spilled over into Monday morning, as local authorities in the Nagorno-Karabakh region continue to report fatalities. So far, the fighting has been condemned by a handful of countries and international organizations,

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Overcrowded And Underfunded: Karen Refugees Face A Dismal Present And An Uncertain Future

Paradoxically, the Karen refugee crisis is simultaneously the world’s longest-running civil war and one of the world’s most under-reported humanitarian crises. Currently, there are roughly 100,000 Karen people living in nine refugee camps tucked away in the jungle of the Thai-Myanmar border. Many of these camps have existed for upward

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Mali’s President Is Overthrown In Coup After Months Of Unrest

On Tuesday, August 18, Malian soldiers stormed the residence of President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita and arrested him at gunpoint. Shortly after, in the early hours of Wednesday, Keita appeared on state television announcing his resignation and the dissolution of his legislative body. “For seven years I had the happiness and

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