Dorothy Settles

About Dorothy Settles

Dorothy is originally from Tempe, Arizona, and graduated from the University of British Columbia with a B.A. in International Relations and History in 2020. Her main research interests are human rights, armed conflict, and migration, with a strong focus on the Asia-Pacific region. Outside of the academic world, she loves Leonard Cohen, solo backpacking trips, and making dim sum.

Thailand’s “State Of Emergency” Declaration Enables Violent Crackdown On Protestors

On October 15, the Thai government declared a state of emergency in a bid to quell ongoing student protests that have rocked Bangkok, the nation’s capital, for over three months. In the past few days, the demonstrations intensified as thousands of young people took to the streets, demanding constitutional reform […]

Armenia And Azerbaijan Continue To Clash Over Nagorno-Karabakh Region

Ongoing tensions between Armenia and Azerbaijan erupted into heavy fighting on Sunday, September 27th, leaving dozens dead. The violence spilled over into Monday morning, as local authorities in the Nagorno-Karabakh region continue to report fatalities. So far, the fighting has been condemned by a handful of countries and international organizations, […]

Overcrowded And Underfunded: Karen Refugees Face A Dismal Present And An Uncertain Future

Paradoxically, the Karen refugee crisis is simultaneously the world’s longest-running civil war and one of the world’s most under-reported humanitarian crises. Currently, there are roughly 100,000 Karen people living in nine refugee camps tucked away in the jungle of the Thai-Myanmar border. Many of these camps have existed for upward […]

Protests Break Out In Kenosha, Wisconsin After Shooting Of Jacob Blake By Police

In recent days, protests have erupted in Kenosha, Wisconsin, in response to the shooting of Jacob Blake at the hands of the Wisconsin Police Department. The August 23rd incident was captured on mobile phone video, which depicted Blake, a 39 year-old Black man, walking from the sidewalk to the driver-side […]

ISIS Attack On Afghan Prison Leaves 29 Dead And Hundreds Of Prisoners On The Loose

On Monday, August 3rd, ISIS staged an attack on a prison in Jalalabad, a city in Afghanistan’s eastern Nangarhar Province. Suicide bombers exploded the prison’s main gate, and once the entrance to the prison was breached, militants wielding assault rifles began attacking the prison guards. What ensued was a 20-hour […]