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An undergraduate at Occidental College studying Politics and History.

Israel Promises To Worsen Prison Conditions For Palestinians

In a recent announcement by the Public Secretary Minister Gilad Erdan, a new flashpoint has developed in the Israel-Palestine conflict. According to Al Jazeera, the Minister has plans to make conditions for Palestinian prisoners more severe, using methods like rationing water supplies, reducing family visits, removing cooking rights and blocking […]

Doctors Strike To Support Relentless Protests In Sudan

Doctors in Sudan are continuing a strike that began last Monday to protest the government and urge President Omar al-Bashir to step down. Committed to indefinitely striking, doctors are refusing to treat anyone except in emergency situations until the government makes changes. This comes after an expensive hike in the […]

Fragile Ceasefire In Yemen’s Hodeidah Comes Into Effect

Last week, the United Nations (UN) arranged a ceasefire between the Houthi rebel group and the Yemeni government. Yemen currently faces the greatest humanitarian crisis in the world resulting from years of internal violent conflict. A week of peace deliberations in Sweden led to the leaders of both sides withdrawing […]

Israeli Settlers Implicated In The Stoning Of A Palestinian Woman

The number of violent attacks in the West Bank grew last week after a Palestinian woman died from head injuries sustained from thrown bricks. Aisha Al-Rawbi was traveling past an illegal Israeli settlement when rocks bombarded her car, resulting in the fatal strike to her head. Her husband, Yacoub was […]