Charlotte Ryan

About Charlotte Ryan

Charlotte is an undergraduate student studying Economics and Finance at the University of New South Wales. She recently became an OWP correspondent in order to offer research-based commentary on abuses of power and non-combative policy alternatives.

St. Louis Protests Continue After Police Officer Is Acquitted Of Killing Young Black Man, Adam Lamar Smith

On Friday the 15th September, protests erupted in St. Louis following the acquittal of white ex-police officer Jason Stockley over the 2011 murder of a young black man, Anthony Lamar Smith, in a judge-alone trial. Stockley claimed he shot Smith five times in ‘self-defence’ following a high-speed car chase where […]

The U.K., U.S. And France Continue To Fund The Conflict Human Rights Watch Labelled ‘The Worst Humanitarian Crisis Today’

Last weekend on the 9th of September, London hosted the Defence Systems and Equipment International (DSEI) arms fair, which was first held in 2001 on the day of the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Centre in Manhattan, New York. This year, the event exhibited products from the world’s […]

Recent ICC Prosecution Of Dominic Ongwen Suggests Selective Justice For Members

Nearly twenty years after its formation in 1998, the International Criminal Court (ICC) continues to serve mixed justice to victims of crime not prosecuted by national or domestic courts. The ICC recently heard the case against Dominic Ongwen in relation to seventy counts of war crimes and crimes against humanity, […]

Marginalization Of The LGBT Community In Jordan Continues

In July 2017, a member of the Jordan Parliament, Dima Tahboub, requested that the Jordanian Media Commission open an inquiry into the online magazine, My.Kali. The queer-inclusive magazine was first published in 2007 and has been an important medium for fighting systemic homophobia in the Middle East. The most recent […]

Azerbaijan Forces Closure Of Last Free News Agency

On the 7th August, Azerbaijan’s last independent news agency Turan was put on notice for tax evasion and threatened with closure if it did not declare adequate financial statements by the 17th of August. However, on the 16th of August, Azerbaijani officials raided offices, took possession of journalists’ computers and arrested Turan’s […]