Courtney Kudera

The Waters Of Hurricane Maria Wash-Up Political Issues For Puerto Rico

All along the east coast of North America and Central America, hurricanes have been reeking havoc amongst the populations of these shorelines. The devastation has been evident in Texas, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico. All these areas have suffered significant physical damage, which in turn effects economy and morale. […]

Migrating In A Globalizing World: The US And Latin America

The immigration, illegal and legal, of Mexico nationals to the United States (US), has been a controversial topic of conversation in recent years as the US experiences the effects of immigration.  Controversy has begun with illegal immigrants, undocumented workers, Executive Order 13767: Border Security and Immigration Enforcement Improvements, and the economic […]

Human Sex Trafficking: Modern Slavery

We have not escaped the age of slavery. Today, slavery continues in the form of human trafficking. According to the FBI, the definition of human trafficking encompasses the exploitation of people being bought, sold or smuggled like slaves and often starved, beaten, or forced into prostitution. Currently, people are forced into […]

President Trump’s Executive Order Cuts $60 Billion In Funding From The UN

An executive order recently signed by President Donald Trump will significantly impact U.S. funding to international organizations, in particular, the United Nations, and their peacekeeping operations. The United States contributes the most in the world to the United Nations accounting for nearly 29% of total funding. With the new executive […]