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U.S. Protests Bring Brazil Racial Inequality To The Fore

U.S. protests trigger outcry about racial discrimination globally. Under this trend, being a country with enormous disparities among races, Brazil is criticised for violating black people’s human rights during the pandemic. The disproportionate death toll of black people is the most recent evidence of Brazil’s racial inequality. According to the […]

Land Invasions Threaten The Life Of Indigenous People Amid COVID-19

The pandemic distracts the public’s care of deforestation and fragile tribes in the Amazon. Although lockdown policy improves the environment of urban areas, things are different in these places. Increasing illegal mining, logging, and wild animal trafficking is reported by environmental authorities amid the COVID-19 outbreak. The infectious disease also […]

Life After India’s Lockdown

On March 25th, 2020, the Indian government declared a 21-day lockdown to control the outbreak of the Coronavirus. Rather than slowing and stopping transmissions, the strict strategy goes contrary to its wishes. Most citizens complain the lockdown policy is too sudden to prepare, triggering large-scale hunger and unemployment.  Homeless people […]

COVID-19: UK Government’s Controversial Response

As of March 12th, confirmed coronavirus cases in the UK have risen to 590. The true number of cases could be much higher. Moving from the “containing” phase to the “delaying” phase, the National Health Service system is on an emergency footing. Although 30 designated hospitals are still receiving patients, […]

Cases Of The Non-White And The Indigenous Groups Trigger Reconsideration Of The Racial Democracy In Brazil

In early February, Sergio Camargo was assigned to lead the Palmares Cultural Foundation, a governmental funded institution aiming at promoting and preserving the cultural, historic, social and economic values of black society in Brazil. As a “black right-winger” and “anti-victims,” he publicly dined the existence of real racism in Brazil. […]

Iran Air Crash: A Heavy Price To Conflicts Between The U.S. and Iran

After a booming crash, PS752, a passenger plane of Ukraine International Airliners, fixed its flight forever on January 8, together with 176 innocent souls, including newlyweds, families of four, foreign students, and gentle crew. Three days later, under the pressure of clear evidence, General Amir Ali Hajizadeh, commander of the […]

Mexico Should Reconsider Its Approach To Fighting Its Drug War

Since the Mexican government deployed troops to fight against drug cartels in 2006, over 61,000 people have disappeared and violence has only increased. Head of Mexico’s National Search Commission, Karla Quintana, expressed the announcement of this huge number as a great pain for both individuals and their families. Along with […]

Non-combative Strategies Should Be On the Agenda Towards Mali Conflict

According to the announcement of the French defence ministry on December 23, seven Islamic extremists had been killed by the French first armed drone strike. Being a tough response to 13 French soldiers’ death by a helicopter collision during their Mali operation several weeks ago, the defence minister Florence Parly […]

“The Rapist Is You”: Chilean Women’s Appeal On Institutional Gender Equality

Wearing black blindfolded and red scarfs—almost ten thousand women gathered in front of the National Stadium in Santiago, Chile for an anti-rape flash mob on December 5th. Being accompanied by finger-snapping dance, a viral anthem called “A Rapist in Your Path” triggered worldwide echoes in the next few days. “The […]

London Bridge Attack: Was The Downgrading Of The U.K. Threat Level Premature?

Only 3 weeks after the terror threat level of the U.K. being downgraded from “severe” to “substantial”, a knife attack took place at London Bridge on November 29, 2019. After murdering two people and injuring three others, Usman Khan, the 28-year-old perpetrator being early released in 2018, was shot dead […]