Author: CE Malley

Canada And Indigenous Sovereignty: The Case Of The C.G.L. Pipeline

Last Sunday, members of the Gidimt’en Clan of the Wet’suwet’en Nation reissued an eviction notice enforcing Coastal GasLink (C.G.L.) pipeline workers’ evacuation from the nation’s traditional lands. The clan gave eight hours of leeway for workers at two work camps along the Morice River Forest Service Road outside Houston, British

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A Neo-Nazi March In Madrid: The Rise of Fascism In Spain

On Saturday, September 18, around 200 neo-nazis took to the streets of the historically-gay neighbourhood of Chueca in Madrid to harass gay people living there. Supposedly organized to protest the recently released plans for sustainable development in Spain, the 2030/2050 Agendas, the “protest” quickly devolved into homophobic and racist attacks,

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Nabisco Strikes: A Case Study In Collective Bargaining

Workers at Nabisco bakeries and manufacturing plants across the country have entered their second month of striking for normal working hours and the removal of a proposed health care plan that would harm newer hires. Although a contract between union board members and Nabisco representatives is supposedly in the works,

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Natural Gas Pipeline Threatens Ukraine and Splits the EU

The final pieces of the controversial 150km long Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline were completed on September 10, further solidifying Russia’s presence in Germany’s business and political sectors while depriving war-torn Ukraine upwards of $3 billion in transit fees. Launched in 2015, Nord Stream 2 is considered to be

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The Mexico-U.S. Call On Immigration: What Can Be Done?

On August 9th, Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador spoke with United States vice president Kamala Harris about issues of internal migration and Central America’s ongoing struggle with COVID-19. The U.S.-Mexico call is the first sign that Mexico is starting to implement the economic changes promised in the deal the

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Xi Jinping’s Visit To Tibet: Integration Or Intimidation?

President Xi Jinping, along with several other high-level government and military officials from China, made a visit to the Tibetan Autonomous Region on July 23rd. This visit, the first Xi has made to Tibet since assuming office, coincides with the 70th anniversary of the coerced peace agreement between Tibet and

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