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Senior at Boston University majoring in International Relations and minoring in the fields of Genocide Studies/Humans Rights and History.

Clipart. A silhouette stick figure sits in a crudely rendered electric chair.

Saudi Arabia Announces Review Of Child Death Penalty Cases

On August 26th, the Saudi Arabian Human Rights Commission announced it would judicially review three juvenile capital punishment cases. The cases pertain to three minors, Ali al-Nimr, Abdullah al-Zaher, and Dawoud al-Marhoon, all of whom were convicted in 2014, when they were under 18. The judicial review announcement follows Saudi […]

Mexican President Denies Increase In Domestic Assault Cases Under Covid-19 Lockdown

In March, Mexico’s emergency call centres received their highest number of domestic violence reports since the national hotline’s inception. The rise in domestic assault allegations aligns with the introduction of Covid-19 quarantine measures in Mexico. As citizens began their isolation, the global economy started to suffer under the pandemic’s pressure, […]

June UN Human Right Report Demands Response To Violations In The Philippines’ War On Drugs

On June 4th, The UN High Commissioner of Human Rights released a scathing report on the human rights violations present in the Philippines’ war on drugs. The report called for an immediate and independent domestic investigation into widespread allegations of unlawful civilian killings and severe violations of international human rights […]

How Violence Is Overshadowing George Floyd Protests In America

On May 25th, an African American man by the name of George Floyd died in Minneapolis from injuries sustained while in police custody. The same day, videos of Floyd’s murder spread across the internet and social media, causing mass unrest amongst the American public at the flagrant disregard for Floyd’s […]

Why The Western System Of COVID-19 Response Won’t Work In Africa

Confirmed Coronavirus cases have reached over 100,000 in Africa. According to the Africa Center of Regional Studies, the first case of COVID-19 in Africa was reported on February 15th, two months after the virus was initially identified in China. The spread of the pandemic in Africa has been relatively slow […]

Taliban Bombing Of Afghan Military Center Threatens U.S.-Taliban Deal

May 2nd, the Taliban bombed an Afghan military center in the Southern Helmand Province of Afghanistan. The attack threatens the fragile March peace deal between the U.S. and the insurgent group. The target of the weekend truck-bombing was an Afghan compound stationing over 150 members of the Afghanistan military and […]

Trump #FireFauci Tweet Sparks Concern

On the night of April 12th, Donald Trump retweeted a post seeming to support the firing of the NIAID director, Anthony Fauci. The tweet followed Fauci’s interview with CNN, where he admitted earlier COVID-19 mitigation ‘‘could have saved lives.’’ Trump’s retweet stimulated speculation of the possible replacement of Fauci on […]

5G Conspiracy Theories Lead To Vandalism Of Wireless Towers in the U.K.

In April 2020, there are reports of more than 30 cases of vandalism against wireless towers and equipment in Britain. The rapid increase relates to online conspiracy theories linking the spread of COVID-19 to new 5G wireless technology. The conspiracy has gained ground due to widespread misinformation on social media. […]

Taliban Rejects Afghanistan’s Conditional Prisoner Release Decree

On March 11th, 2020, the Taliban rejected the Afghanistan Government’s offer for the ‘conditional release’ of Taliban prisoners. President Ghani’s offer follows the groundbreaking February 29th deal between the United States and the Taliban to end the 18 year-long conflicts in Afghanistan. In a bid to withdraw U.S. troops in […]