Author: Christopher Timbs

Terrorism In The North Of Mozambique And The Government Response

Terrorism has become established as one of the most prominent threats to security and peace in world politics today. One of the most recent parts of the world to be affected is Mozambique, located in southern Africa on the east coast. In the north-eastern part of the country, conflict originated

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Conflict in Yemen: Continuing Humanitarian Disaster

Still surging from its beginning in 2015, the conflict in Yemen between the armed Houthis and the Saudi-led coalition shows no signs of ending. It has now become the worst manmade disaster in the world. The conflict has led to the death of approximately 230,000 Yemenis, including over 20,000 civilians.

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Australia At The COP26: Consequences At Home And Abroad

The 2021 Climate Change Conference, or COP26, is an impressive event, marking the congregation of world leaders at Glasgow this past week. It is the prime opportunity to do some good, or perhaps look good while doing very little. The conversations, protests, and policies are ramping up, as more governments

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