Christine El-kholy

MSF: US Led Airstrike Which Killed Twelve Doctors – A “War Crime!”

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF, or Doctors Without Borders) has halted all operations in the conflict-stricken Afghan province of Kunduz after bombs striking a hospital killed at least 22 on Saturday. The attack that left 12 doctors dead has since then been revealed as part of a US-led airstrike targeting Taliban […]

Hungary’s New Restrictions “Look like…a contravention of law” says IOM

The controversial crackdown on migrants crossing Hungary’s southern frontier appears to be a contravention of EU and UN convention on refugee asylum, the Organisation for Migration (IOM) said today. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s government has declared a state of emergency in two southern counties bordering Serbia. Under new Hungarian […]

Art Therapy Camp: Community Engagement for Residents of the World’s Second Largest Refugee Camp

The United Nations Refugee Agency (the UNHCR) reports that over 4 million people have fled Syria since the explosive conflict began in 2011, while 8 million more are displaced (UNHCR). The disturbing reality of the conflict can be seen in the huge number of refugees and the international community’s inability to […]

Death At Sea & Border “Insecurity”: How Failure To Respond To The Global Refugee Crisis Is Hauling Us Away From Peace

  The current so-called “migration crisis” on the Mediterranean is drawing more and more widespread attention, which should bring much-needed awareness to the problems faced by today’s displaced persons (i.e. refugees). Instead, the mounting discourse pivots around increased border control, and more importantly, the provision of resources aimed at making […]

Two Years after the Rabaa Massacre: The Battle Between the Egyptian State and the MB Still Rages

Today in Egypt marks the two-year anniversary of what has since been called the Rab’aa Massacre. A violent military intervention into the Muslim Brotherhood protests at Rab’aa al-Adiwiya and al-Nahda Squares after leader Mohammed Morsi’s ouster in August 2013, which ended in over 817 civilian deaths. The following year, in […]