Callum Cross

About Callum Cross

Callum Cross recently graduated with a Honours Bachelor of International Studies with Bachelor of Arts (Asian Studies) from the University of Adelaide, Australia. His research interests include peace, conflict and security, liberal institutionalism, environmental politics and international diplomacy. Follow him on Twitter: @Callum_DC

No Threat: Why Accepting Refugees Is Not A Security Risk

Last month, the Australian Government refused the entry of a “relatively minimal” number of asylum seekers over security concerns. An exact number has been hard to ascertain given tight restrictions on press freedom, and tighter controls around information available to the public–a crushing reality in Australia. Once heralded as a […]

Electoral Authoritarianism: A Threat To Democracy And Peace

  Authoritarianism has many different approaches for its direct implementation. In order to further explore and understand contemporary Authoritarianism, we must consider the practice of ‘Electoral Authoritarianism.’ Electoral authoritarianism, according to Andreas Schedler, is defined as states under the control of a dictator who has successfully ‘established the institutional facades […]

Afghanistan: Taliban Refuses Peace Talks over Foreign Troops, Prisoners

The Taliban in Afghanistan are refusing to begin negotiations with foreign powers until all foreign troops are removed from the country. The Taliban said in a statement that: “We want to repeat our stance once again that until the occupation of foreign troops ends, until Taliban names are removed from […]

Australia Scolded Over Refugee Policies (Again)

Once again, Australia has been criticized for its human rights violations regarding their policies that are geared towards asylum seekers and refugees. For instance, Australia has continually abused asylum seekers through a complex and brutal system of detention and fear. New York-based, Human Rights Watch (HRW) attacked Australia’s current policies […]

Preventing Conflict Along The Mekong River: Strategies Under The Preventive Diplomacy Auspice

  The Mekong River is under threat by the rapid and unchecked development of the hydro power dam construction. Stemming from this destructive development is the increased potential for armed conflicts between states, civil unrest, and protests within states such as, Burma (Myanmar), Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, and Tibet. The […]