Author: Cassie Ransom

Peace And The Council For Inclusive Capitalism

The recently formed Council for Inclusive Capitalism with the Vatican seeks to foster a more equitable financial system. The Council was announced in December of 2020 and comprises a group of CEOs and global leaders in collaboration with Pope Francis.  The group hopes to realise a model of capitalism which

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What Will Become Of Trump’s Anti-Abortion Declaration?

On the 28th of January, President Biden released a memorandum intended to reverse the harm to women’s reproductive healthcare inflicted by the Trump administration. Among other things, the memorandum ordered the withdrawal of the U.S’s signature and sponsorship of the Geneva Consensus Declaration, a controversial international anti-abortion declaration. The declaration

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Iran Close to Passing New Laws Against Domestic Violence

A new bill protecting women against domestic violence has been drafted and approved by Iran’s cabinet as of January 3rd. The bill, named the Protection, Dignity and Security of Women Against Violence Bill, has been in progress for over a decade and is largely attributable to the work of women’s

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