Catherine Chang

Remembering The Kosovo War’s Meja Massacre

On 27 April, hundreds gathered in Meja, Kosovo, in remembrance of the victims of the 1999 Meja Massacre, considered the largest mass killing in the Kosovo War. The Meja Massacre saw the murder of some 370 Albanian Muslims and Catholic civilians by Serbian police and army forces as they fled […]

Myanmar Court Rejects Final Appeal By Jailed Reuters Journalists

The Supreme Court of Myanmar has rejected the final appeal of two Reuters reporters, Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo, who have been sentenced to seven years in prison for receiving documents from police, thereby violating the Official Secrets Act, after investigating the killing of ten Rohingya Muslim men during […]

Nicaragua: One Year In

Michelle Bachelet, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, issued a statement on Tuesday calling for the Nicaraguan government to “ensure its security forces allow space for people to assemble peacefully and express their views in accordance with their rights under international law” and that “further use of excessive force” […]

Nigeria’s “Forgotten Conflict”: Mining Activities Suspended In Zamfara Amidst Rising Crime

Nigeria’s government has called for an end to mining operations as crime rises and insecurity continues in Zamfara, a state in the country’s northwest where gold mining has become increasingly common over the past decade. In the midst of a surge in property destruction, killings, and kidnappings of both locals […]

Female Child Soldiers: Forgotten In Violence?

According to UNICEF, thousands of boys and girls are recruited as soldiers across the world. While much focus has been placed on male child soldiers, though female soldiers often play important roles in armed groups and conflict, they are often neglected. Many armed groups, including many fighting in civil conflicts […]

Comoros: Opposition Demands New Vote In Disputed Election

In Comoros, members of the opposition have demanded a new vote for the Indian Ocean country’s disputed presidential election. President Azali Assoumani was re-elected with more than half of the votes as the result of elections held on Sunday. The opposition has rejected the results as fraudulent and “an electoral […]

Cambodian Court Issues Arrest Warrants For Top Opposition Leaders

A Cambodian court has issued arrest warrants for top political opposition leaders living abroad as they prepare to return to the country. Included are warrants for Sam Rainsy, the founder of the opposition Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP), who is accused of incitement to commit a felony and plotting to […]

Ukraine Begins Impeachment Process

Members of the Ukrainian Parliament have begun the process to impeach President Petro Poroshenko after a media report was released linking him to a corruption scandal in which the president’s friends and high-ranking defense officials allegedly stole millions from the country’s military industry by receiving kickbacks for smuggling spare military […]

Egyptian Security Forces Kill 16 Suspected Fighters In Sinai 1

Egyptian security forces killed 16 suspected fighters in the country’s northern Sinai Peninsula, according to state media last Tuesday. According to the Interior Ministry, the “National Security Department was monitoring ‘two terrorist cells, planning to carry out a series of terrorist attacks against vital installations and important figures in El […]

Afghan Interpreters Renew U.K. Asylum Plea 2

Last week, four Afghan interpreters renewed their plea to the United Kingdom for asylum. The four worked for the British army in Afghanistan for several years and received commendation for their work but were denied U.K. asylum due to a policy restricting relocation to only the time frame after they […]