Brett Smiley

NORAD Intercepts Russian Reconnaissance Aircraft Off Alaskan Coast

Last week, North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) intercepted two Russian reconnaissance aircraft near the Alaskan coast. Russian Tu-142 aircraft entered the Alaskan Air Defense Identification zone and remained in the area for roughly four hours. NORAD sent Canadian CF-18 fighter jets and U.S. F-22 stealth jets to intercept the […]

Russia Receives S-350 Surface To Air Missiles Amidst Rearmament Effort

This week, Russia announced that it received over ten new S-350 Vityaz surface to air missiles. These missiles were delivered to the Leningrad region to conduct testing and training exercises with the military. The S-350’s are the newest iteration of the missile, which are designed to be fired from the […]

West African Leaders Call For International Support To Help Stabilize Region

Stability in the West African Sahel region is teetering. The region encompasses Burkina Faso, Niger, Chad, Mauritania, and Mali. Droughts, and other effects of climate change, are contributing to rising levels of poverty in many West Africa countries. In turn, unemployed and poorly educated individuals become vulnerable to extremist ideology, […]

Purchasing Greenland Is A Geopolitical Chess Piece Rather Than A Real Estate Deal 1

President Donald Trump has seen yet another diplomatic rift resulting from offhanded remarks, this time over the United States purchasing Greenland. Trump suggested the purchase of the Danish controlled – yet sovereign – territory of Greenland to his senior advisors earlier this month. Greenland residents and Danish officials initially responded […]

Joint Sino-Russian Air Force Exercises Leads To Warning Shots Fired From South Korea

Last week Russia and China conducted their first joint air force drills in the Asia-Pacific region. The exercises involved two Chinese H-6K jet bombers, two Russian Tu-95MS bombers, and one Russian A-50 surveillance aircraft. The Chinese and Russian aircraft flew over the Sea of Japan and into the contested air […]

Germany Proposes New Legislation To Revoke Citizenship From Dual Citizens

Germany has introduced new legislation aimed to strip dual citizens of their German citizenship, should they fight for a terror organization abroad. German Law is currently permitted to strip the citizenship of dual citizens fighting for foreign national forces, without express permission from the German authorities under the Nationality Act. […]