Brett Smiley

U.S Catching Up In The Scramble For The Arctic

What is now being dubbed the scramble for the Arctic, a not so subtle reference to the scramble for Africa by European countries in the 19th century, is the increasing military and economic presence by world powers in the Arctic region. The increasing push into the Arctic has been enabled […]

Purchasing Greenland Is A Geopolitical Chess Piece Rather Than A Real Estate Deal 1

President Donald Trump has seen yet another diplomatic rift resulting from offhanded remarks, this time over the United States purchasing Greenland. Trump suggested the purchase of the Danish controlled – yet sovereign – territory of Greenland to his senior advisors earlier this month. Greenland residents and Danish officials initially responded […]

Joint Sino-Russian Air Force Exercises Leads To Warning Shots Fired From South Korea

Last week Russia and China conducted their first joint air force drills in the Asia-Pacific region. The exercises involved two Chinese H-6K jet bombers, two Russian Tu-95MS bombers, and one Russian A-50 surveillance aircraft. The Chinese and Russian aircraft flew over the Sea of Japan and into the contested air […]

United States Enforces Oil Embargo On Syria 1

US forces left four people dead and three oil tankers destroyed following airstrikes in Syrian territory at the end of May. The airstrikes are the enforcement of an oil embargo, which is the prohibition of the trade of oil and related products between different countries. The embargo was implemented by […]

Austrian Chancellor Ousted After No-Confidence Vote

Austrian Chancellor, Sebastian Kurz, the world’s former youngest leader was ousted from office this month following a no-confidence vote. The no-confidence vote was triggered by the opposition party, the Social Democrats (SPO), causing the dissolution of the ruling coalition composed of Kurz’s own People’s Party (OVP) and the right wing […]

Duterte Threatens War With Canada Over Waste Dispute

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has threatened Canada with war over garbage produced by the latter which has been sitting in Filipino ports over the past six years. The garbage has been sitting within shipping containers, which were shipped to the Philippines in 2013 and 2014 by an Ontario-based company called […]

Germany Proposes New Legislation To Revoke Citizenship From Dual Citizens

Germany has introduced new legislation aimed to strip dual citizens of their German citizenship, should they fight for a terror organization abroad. German Law is currently permitted to strip the citizenship of dual citizens fighting for foreign national forces, without express permission from the German authorities under the Nationality Act. […]

US Ramps Up Presence In Taiwan Strait 2

For the fifth time in eight months, the US has sent two navy ships through the Taiwan Strait. Earlier this week, the US sent the destroyer USS Stethem and the cargo and ammunition carrier USNS Cesar Chavez through the 80-mile-wide waterway that separates Taiwan from mainland China. The two vessels […]

With Ukraine Continuing to Move West, Tensions with Russia Likely to Escalate

This week, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko signed constitutional amendments setting Ukraine’s national objectives to join the EU and NATO by 2023. These long-term objectives are symbolic as the amendments do not move Ukraine closer to membership but commit the country towards both. To be considered for membership, the EU insists […]

Shifting Foreign Policy: Britain To Deploy Aircraft Carrier Through Disputed South China Sea 2

Britain is deploying the HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier to the heavily disputed South China Sea in a joint mission with the United States. The vessel will deploy following recently completed training near the Naval Air Station in Maryland. United Kingdom (UK) Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson announced the mission earlier […]