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Lauren is currently a Senior at the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse pursuing a Bachelors in Political Science with minors in Professional & Technical Writing and Legal Studies. She hopes to eventually go on to pursue a Juris Doctor following her undergraduate studies.

Mass Protests Against ‘G20 Circus’ In Argentina

This past weekend, leaders of the world’s most advanced economic powers gathered in Buenos Aires, Argentina for the 2018 G20 Summit, the first to be held in a Latin American country. As the summit commenced, thousands took to the streets to bring attention to a range of concerns including workers’ […]

The French Police Fire Water Cannons And Tear Gas At Protesters In Paris

On Saturday, the French police and security forces fired tear gas and water cannons into a crowd of “yellow vest” protesters, named for the yellow traffic safety vests which seem to have become their unofficial uniform. While the majority of protests were carried out peacefully for several days, those in […]

Felix Tshisekedi Quits DRC Opposition Unity Deal

Last week, Felix Tshisekedi, head of the largest opposition party in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) joined six other opposition leaders in Geneva to sign a “Unity Deal” which would make Martin Fayula the collective opposition candidate in the upcoming presidential election. The other major candidate is the […]

Macron Praises New Caledonia Referendum Results

On November 4, an independence referendum took place in New Caledonia. Voters voted for the territory to remain a part of France or become an independent nation. The referendum resulted in 56% of voters rejecting secession, with a voter turnout of over 80% of registered voters, according to Al Jazeera. […]

Sahle-Work Zewde Elected As Ethiopia’s First Female President

On October 25, Ethiopian lawmakers unanimously voted to elect Sahle-Work Zewde as the country’s first female president and their first female head of state in the modern era. This just days after Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed approved one of the world’s few gender balanced Cabinets, with half of the positions […]

Cameroon’s Paul Biya ‘Easily’ Wins Seventh Term As President

Cameroon’s Paul Biya ‘easily’ won the October 7th vote, successfully entering into his seventh term as President. The 85-year-old received over 71% of the vote, according to Cameroon’s Constitutional Council. President Biya represents the oldest leader in Sub-Saharan Africa’s history and easily surpassed his opposing candidate, Maurice Kamtos who only received […]

Dozens Killed in Ethiopia Ethnic Clashes

Last week, at least 44 individuals were killed and upwards of 70,000 fled their homes amid horrific violence in western Ethiopia. These bloody ethnic clashes, between rival ethnic groups, occurred on the border between central Oromia and western Benishangul-Gumuz regions, according to local officials said Al Jazeera. According to residents […]

Macedonia President Urges Boycott Of Name-Change Referendum: Referendum Fails To Meet Threshold

On September 23rd Macedonia President Gjorge Ivanov called upon voters to boycott the high stakes name-change referendum which would change the name from the Republic of Macedonia to the Republic of North Macedonia. President Ivanov told the UN General Assembly last week, “On September 30, I will not go out […]

Hundreds Face Mass Eviction In Canada’s Capital

Currently, more than 100 families in Heron Gate, a neighbourhood in the southern end of the Canadian capital, Ottawa, are being forced from their homes due to a mass demolition of nearly 150 town homes. The Heron Gate neighbourhood is one of Ottawa’s most diverse and affordable communities, home to […]

Ethiopia, Eritrea Sign New Peace Agreement in Saudi Arabia

On Sunday, September 16th, Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and Eritrea’s President Isaias Afwerki attended a summit in Saudi Arabia to sign a new peace agreement, referred to as the “Jeddah Agreement”– cementing a previously unstable relationship between the two former Horn of Africa rivals. The summit was hosted in […]