Author: Michelle Bozzi

São Paulo Flood Reveals Underlying Failures of Brazil’s Urban Planning

Torrential rainfall decimated the coastal areas of southeast Brazil over the Carnival weekend, forcing São Paulo state and surrounding cities to cancel celebrations and deploy rescue workers to search for dozens of displaced and injured locals. Reuters forecasts that at least 57 people have been killed, and over 4,000 have

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“We Basically Nuked A Town So We Could Get a Railroad Open”: East-Palestine Train Derailment Raises Public Health and Environmental Safety Concerns

Residents of East Palestine, Ohio are exercising vigilance in the wake of a major train derailment that caused a chemical spill in the region earlier this month. CBS News reports that on February 3rd, 38 cars of a Norfolk Southern train transporting combustible materials from Illinois to Pennsylvania derailed and

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The Lachin Corridor Dispute Reaches The World Court

Months of hostility between Armenia and Azerbaijan have reached the fore of the International Court of Justice (also known as the World Court), the United Nations’ premier judiciary which began public hearings over the ongoing border dispute at Nagorno-Karabakh on Monday. For seven weeks and counting, a blockade of the

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