Bohdi Dun

About Bohdi Dun

Bohdi is a fourth year Law / International Studies in Sydney. She is interested in pursuing a career in International Relations with a focus on the Middle East and the conflicts occurring in the region. She is also interested in irregular migration and in particular Australia's refugee policies.

Huge Blast Reported Near Damascus Airport

On Thursday the 27th  of April, five strikes allegedly occurred near the Damascus Airport road in the early hours of the morning. Damascus Airport is about 25 kilometers south-east from the capital. The airstrikes hit an ammunition depot operated by the Lebanese Hezbollah, a regional intelligence group reported. The airstrikes […]

The Impact Of Refugees Returning To Afghanistan

In the first week of 2017 more than 9,400 undocumented Afghanis have returned to the state. Furthermore the Afghan government has reported that over one million refugees returned voluntarily in 2016 which is the largest number in fourteen years. Most of these refugees have come from Iran and Pakistan although […]

Mutiny In The Ivory Coast

Just after midnight on January 6th, renegade soldiers stormed a military compound in Bouake, the second largest city in the Ivory Coast. This triggered a widespread mutiny throughout the Western African nation. This was terrifying for civilians as only six years ago the civil war in the Ivory Coast ended, […]

The Children Of Yemen

Since March 2015, Yemen has been dominated by war. The conflict can be linked back to the failure of the political transition in November 2011. This political transition resulted in Mr. Hadi taking power from the longtime authoritarian leader, Ali Abdullah Saleh. Mr. Hadi struggled to bring stability to the […]

Why The Assassination Of The Russian Ambassador Won’t Lead To The Next World War

On Monday morning the Russian Ambassador to Turkey, Andrei Karlov, was shot dead by a police officer at the opening of an art exhibition in Ankara. Karlov was several minutes into a speech when a man dressed in a suit pulled out a gun shouted “Allah Akbar” and fired, at […]

Justice In Gambia?

One week ago, on the 1st of December, the people of Gambia decided that the twenty-two-year reign of Yahya Jammeh should effectively come to an end when they elected Adama Barrow as their next president. Barrow, a little known real estate developer, became leader of a coalition group made up of […]

Witnessing The Conflict In Syria: Has Technology Changed The Nature Of Accountability In Conflict?

For the last five years, the conflict in Syria has resulted in numerous war crimes, crimes against humanity, and human rights abuses. Throughout this period ordinary citizens, normally assisted by experts in international law, have been collecting evidence of the crimes committed against civilians. They film, take photographs, and collect […]