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I am a third-year student at Robert Morris University, majoring in Political Science and History with an integrated Masters in Organizational & Nonprofit Leadership. I am passionate about understanding the way identity influences and creates conflict, as well as pursuing diplomatic, peaceful resolutions.

Voting Machine Glitch Leads To Vote Suspension In Dominican Republic

Earlier this week, the Dominican Republic suspended municipal elections four hours after the commencement of voting. Officials enacted this suspension after discovering a problem with the electronic voting system. At this time, election officials are still investigating what caused the glitch with the system. The country opted to hold a […]

Polish Judges Come Under Increased Attack, With Little EU Interference

Last Thursday, the Polish legislature passed measures that would allow judges to face disciplinary action if they rule on cases in a way with which the government disagrees. This legislation will significantly reduce the autonomy of judges, giving that authority to the Minister of Justice, Zbigniew Ziobro. Poland’s ruling party, […]

United Nations Claims Attack On Yemen Camp Could Derail Peace Efforts

On Saturday evening, a missile struck a mosque in a military training camp in Marib, Yemen. The al-Estiqbal military training camp is within Marib, which, according to Reuters, is “held by the internationally-recognized government of President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi.” The attack killed 79 people as well as wounding 81 […]

Pakistani Court Reverses Musharraf’s Death Sentence, Guilty Verdict

On Monday, a high court in Pakistan reversed a guilty verdict and death sentence for former leader Pervez Musharraf on charges of treason, ruling the court’s formation unconstitutional. This special court sentenced Musharraf, who is currently seeking medical treatment in Dubai, to death in December on charges of treason resulting […]

Venezuelan Opposition Leader Guaidó Blocked From Key National Assembly Vote

On Sunday, pro-government lawmakers in Venezuela announced the swearing-in of a new president of the National Assembly after barring several opposition congressmen, including leader Juan Guaidó, from entering the legislative building. Guaidó is the incumbent National Assembly President and was presumed to win reelection to the position. Instead, he and […]

Kim Jong Un Urges ‘Positive and Offensive’ Security Measures Ahead of Year-End Deadline

Ahead of a year-end deadline posed by North Korea to engage in new denuclearization talks, leader Kim Jong Un urged the United States to pursue ‘positive and offensive’ security measures. According to Reuters, Kim Jong Un is expected to make a speech on New Year’s Day advocating for a “new […]