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The Sinai Islamist Insurgency

Overview A rather tranquil and sparsely populated area for much of the 90s, the Sinai Peninsula is increasingly becoming a hotbed for insurgent activities. Groups allied to either al-Qaida or Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) have been mounted an insurgency movement that has caused the deaths of thousands, […]

Somali Civil War

Overview The Somali Conflict is a multifaceted dispute triggered by the fall of President Said Barre regime on 27 January 1991. General Barre’s dictatorship was synonymous with extreme brutality, suppression of opposition groups, both nationalistic and Islamic, and exacerbation of interclan rivalries (clannism).  By 1988, the dissatisfaction with the government […]

Syrian Civil War

Overview Since its independence from France, Syria has had a long history of internal turmoil due to reasons ranging from socioeconomic challenges, widening income inequality, concentration of power in the ruling elites, oppression of political and civic rights, and geopolitical tensions.  The secular Ba’ath Party seized power through a publicly […]

South China Sea Dispute

Overview National pride, military ambition, historic and symbolic attachments and trillions of dollars-worth of trade have led to a fierce territorial dispute currently being fought among seven claimants—Brunei, China, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan,  Vietnam and Indonesia—over the South China Sea. The rich and bountiful oil reserves hidden in those waters […]

Israel-Palestine Conflict

Overview Disclaimer: This is by no means a detailed account of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and is intended merely as a descriptive overview. For a discussion on the events and facts mentioned in the below overview, please reach out to the Middle East Crisis Regional Advisor.  The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is about […]