Author: Billy Haller

This Month In Ukraine: More Reasons For Peaceful Negotiation

Rather than provide an exhaustive history of the decade long conflict between the West and Russia in Ukraine, this report serves to orient the reader as to why this conflagration no longer serves the purposes of democracy, human rights or freedom if it ever did. The greatest interests served by the continuing tragedy in Ukraine are the interests of the defense industries, investment firms and US hegemony. Ironically, as the United States becomes more entangled in Ukraine, governance under President Zelensky becomes increasingly less democratic and the United States becomes less and less powerful as a global hegemon. 

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Mexican Elections Shine a Spotlight on Cartel Gun Violence in Mexico

This year’s elections in Mexico are putting the spotlight on cartel gun violence as 31 political candidates, mostly local, have been assassinated in this cycle alone. In 2006, 669 people were killed in cartel conflicts, whereas 2020 saw 16,000 people killed. With the likely election of Morena candidate Claudia Sheinbaum,

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