Author: Benjamin Fikhman

U.N. Postpones Vote To Halt Arms Supply To Myanmar

A United Nations General Assembly vote on a draft resolution to immediately suspend military aid to Myanmar was postponed, according to Reuters. The U.N. resolution also presses the ruling military to discontinue “attacks on, harassment of and restrictions on medical personnel, human rights defenders, labor union members, journalists and media

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Chadian Opposition Leaders Protest Appointment Of New Prime Minister

Opposition leaders in Chad have quickly condemned the appointment of civilian politician Albert Pahimi Padacke by military rulers on Monday after President Idriss Déby died visiting troops in battle against rebels. The ruling military council currently in charge of the government will likely continue to retain full power in this

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Ethiopia Shuts Down Two Tigray Camps Housing Eritrean Refugees

After a claim by the United Nations (UN) that two refugee camps, Shimelba and Hitsats, in northern Ethiopia had been attacked multiple times, authorities claimed on Thursday, February 11, that the camps have been shut down and its occupants relocated. The camps were located in Tigray, a state that shares

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