Bettina Chan

Will China’s Approach In Foreign Policy Disrupt Peaceful International Relations While Restructuring World Power? (Part 2)

In my previous article, I discussed how China took proactive foreign policy in the financial and economic context. I will now move on to China’s extensive military expansion locally and internationally. Recently, China has taken proactive measures to demonstrate its hard power. In July 2017, China drew the attention of […]

Will China’s Approach In Foreign Policy Disrupt Peaceful International Relations While Restructuring World Power? (Part 1)

China’s increasing influence on political issues has placed herself under the spotlight of international affairs. The extent to China’s approach in foreign policy is still a much-debated topic among politicians and academics. In effect, to analyze China’s approach, it is essential to evaluate foreign policies that she has carried out […]

How Much Is Your Body Worth: The Dilemma Of Organ Transplant

Organ transplant is a medical procedure where an organ is removed from one body and then placed in another. It’s the only form of treatment for many terminal organ failures such as liver, kidney and heart failure. A conservative estimate from the World Health Organization states that more than 60,000 […]

Let Us Talk About Pornography

Pornography by definition, is the portrayal of sexual subject matter for sexual stimulation. It may be presented in various forms including books, magazines, photographs, films and video games. Nowadays, pornographers have taken advantage of technological advances in the production and distribution of pornography. Easily accessible porn has made pornography prevalent […]

Why We Should Stop Stigmatizing Sex Workers

Hull is the only city in the United Kingdom which has banned sex workers from its red light district, making prostitution illegal. The local council said the policy was effective and had renewed the legislation in December 2016. Some had criticised the ban claiming that it resulted in greater danger […]

Modern Slavery And Human Trafficking In Libya

Every year, thousands of people pour across Libya’s borders. They are either refugees or poor migrants searching for better opportunities in Europe. Last month, the African Union expressed outrage after a footage of Sub-Saharan migrants being sold at slave markets in Libya was released. In the video, young men were […]

Beijing Authorities Brutally Forced Migrant Workers Out Of The City

After a fire at a block of flats that killed 19 people in Beijing, government officials began a series of brutal washouts of migrant workers from their homes. However, the Beijing municipal authority denied that the campaign was intended to force poor migrant workers out of the city. The administration […]

A Brief Historical Background Of Rohingya Muslims In Myanmar

Severe violence against the Rohingya people of Myanmar has drawn international attention to their plight. Since the outbreak of violence in August, more than half of the Rohingya population has fled their homes to Bangladesh. Such mass exodus of the Rohingyas has happened at least three times in the past […]

A Call For Paradigm Shift In Intersex Issues

In a report published by Human Rights Watch, the US medical community has finally advanced its approach to intersex cases. Instead of stigmatising the condition, medical experts are now encouraged to disclose intersexual traits to the child.  A “Differences of Sex Development” team was also established to convene healthcare specialists, […]

What Can Scientists Do To Safeguard World Peace?

In the modern day, science is a social enterprise. Once a research is published, there is common ownership of scientific results and ideas. No one shall be barred from using someone else’s research as long as they acknowledge them. In my previous article, I discussed the impact of Nobel Peace […]