Bella Kocabiyik

About Bella Kocabiyik

Bella is an International Affairs major with a special interest in Middle East and Northern African studies at Lewis and Clark College '22. Additional interests include journalism and the role of religion in international relations.

Russian Police Detain Hundreds At Moscow Protest

Russian police have detained over 800 protesters demanding free elections in Moscow. The protesters gathered in Pushkin Square with the intent to protests to rally against the exclusion of opposition candidates from the Moscow city council election, however, they were met by massive police forces, who began arresting protesters before […]

Iran ‘Ready For Talks’ With The U.S. If Sanctions Are Lifted

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said in a televised speech today that Iran is ready for talks with the U.S. in regards to their nuclear development program if sanctions imposed by the Trump administration are lifted. This statement comes after the Trump administration walked away from the Iran nuclear deal in […]

Yemen’s Houthis Hit Saudi Airport: Killing One, Wounding Twenty-One           

Yemen’s Houthis hit a Saudi Arabian airport, killing one and wounding 21 others. According to Houthi-run news channel Al-Masirah TV, the attack occurred in Abha airport in Saudi Arabia and was the target of a Yemeni Houthi drone attack. The attack is among a long list of violent Yemeni-Saudi interactions […]

Sudan’s Military Blames Protesters For Deadly Crackdown 1

        The Sudanese Military has publicly blamed civilian protesters for the deadly military crackdown that resulted in the murders of dozens of civilians in a protest camp. The Sudanese military claims that the protestors committed crimes by closing off roads and creating barricades, and that the protestors […]