Ben Moore

United States Withdraws From United Nations Human Rights Council

On Tuesday, 19 June, the United States officially announced that it would withdraw from the United Nations Human Rights Council in protest of the body’s recent criticism of Israel’s treatment of Palestinians. The move represents the latest and perhaps most blatant manifestation of President Trump’s desire to pull away from […]

UN Issues Dire Warning Ahead Of Anticipated Assault On Hodeidah

The UN Security Council met on Monday, June 11 to conduct an urgent meeting regarding an expected attack on Yemeni port city Hodeidah. Hodeidah is considered the last remaining lifeline for the country’s war-ravaged population. The city is said to be in extreme danger, as Saudi-led coalition forces prepare to […]

U.S.-Led Airstrikes In Syria Could Constitute War Crimes, Claims New Report

According to a new report published by Amnesty International, airstrikes conducted in Raqqa, Syria by the United States violated international humanitarian law and could potentially amount to war crimes. The organization accused the U.S.-led coalition of killing and injuring many thousands of civilians in attacks they described as “disproportionate or […]

Israeli Goverment Approves New Settlements Despite Recent Violence

On Thursday, the Israeli government approved the construction of an additional 2,070 settlement units in the occupied region of the West Bank. According to Israel’s Civil Administration, at least 696 of the units were immediately approved for construction, while an additional 1,262 were advanced through an early planning stage. Under […]

Israeli Supreme Court Defends Use Of Force Against Palestinian Protesters

On Thursday, Israel’s Supreme Court unanimously rejected two bids brought forward by human rights groups, which demanded that the Israeli army cease using snipers and live ammunition against Palestinian protesters in the Gaza Strip. The Supreme Court,  made up of three justices, sided with the Israeli military’s argument that Palestinian […]

Evacuation Deal Struck Limiting Syrian Government Assaults On Yarmouk Refugee Camp

On Wednesday, May 2nd, the Syrian government announced that it had reached an evacuation deal with rebel fighters in the Yarmouk refugee camp in southern Damascus. The deal, as reported by the official Syrian government news outlet, allows the fighters and their families, who number about 5,000, to be transported […]