Ashleigh Streeter-Jones

About Ashleigh Streeter-Jones

Currently studying her Masters of Diplomacy at the Australian National University. With a background in development and a particular interest in women, peace, and security, the OWP allows her to write about current events and explore these themes, including the link between political decisions, conflict, and the individual, with a particular interest in peace building and transitional justice.

Leaked UN Report Details Sexual Abuse By Peacekeepers In Haiti

The United Nations’ peacekeeping mission in Haiti is one of the longest running UN missions and has been marred by scandal. The mission, known as the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti, or MINUSTAH, began in 2004 after the elected president was overthrown in a coup, and the country descended […]

Turkey’s Referendum: Political Stability Or Descent Into Total State Control?

A referendum scheduled to take place in Turkey on April 16, 2017, is threatening to reconfigure the democratic structure of the nation, which would see the ending of a parliamentary system in favour of an executive presidency. Not only would this inhibit the ability of the Turkish government to keep […]

UN Report Criticizes Bangladesh Over Extrajudicial Killings And Disappearances

A report issued by the United Nations Working Group on Involuntary and Enforced Disappearances last week strongly criticized the government of Bangladesh, citing both the excessive use of force by state actors and a “high rate” of extrajudicial killings and enforced disappearances. The report called on the Bangladeshi government to […]