Ashleigh Streeter-Jones

About Ashleigh Streeter-Jones

Currently studying her Masters of Diplomacy at the Australian National University. With a background in development and a particular interest in women, peace, and security, the OWP allows her to write about current events and explore these themes, including the link between political decisions, conflict, and the individual, with a particular interest in peace building and transitional justice.

Papua New Guinea’s Election Marred By Irregularities

With the conclusion of the elections in Papua New Guinea, doubt has been cast over their impartiality. Despite their registration, thousands of names were left off of the electoral role, thereby preventing their participation in the election process. Further obstacles to public voting have included a delay in the distribution […]

Further Allegations Of Sexual Abuse By Peacekeepers Emerges From The Central African Republic

A recent report issued by the United Nations shows that, despite efforts to combat the issue, allegations of sexual abuse committed by UN Peacekeepers have continued, with new reports of sexual abuse emerging from the Central African Republic. Since January 2017, over 55 UN Peacekeepers have been accused of abuse […]

A Record Number Of Female Candidates To Run In The PNG Elections

Determined to bring about change, a record number of female candidates are standing in this year’s election in Papua New Guinea (PNG). Taking place from June 24, 2017 until July 8, 2017, the national election will see the appointment of 111 successful candidates who will form the new National Parliament. The election […]

Outbreak Of Ebola In The Democratic Republic Of Congo

An outbreak of Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) further threatens the civilian population who have been long tortured by conflict. Testing has shown that the outbreak of Ebola is the DRC is the Zaire strain, the deadliest strain of the disease. The disease has extremely high mortality rates […]