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Ashley Park is a current sophomore at Rice University in Texas majoring in history and sociology with a minor in pre-law.

Italy’s Chinese Prostitution Problem

Since World War II, Chinese have migrated to Italy, and in more recent decades, migrated in larger waves. Italy hosts about 300,000 Chinese nationals, the largest diaspora community in the European Union. Many come to Prato, Italy’s textile capital near Florence, since there is a large established Chinese textile community. […]

Greater Food Insecurity Linked With Less Infant Consumption of Breast Milk, Study Shows

In a recent study by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), scientists in Kenya used isotopic techniques to associate greater food insecurity with a lower intake of breast milk. The results of the study were published last month in the Maternal and Child Nutrition journal. The study also found no correlation […]

Iran Denounces Proposed Gulf EuroFleet

On Sunday, Iran denounced the British-led proposed ‘EuroFleet’ as “provocative” and “hostile”. The proposal outlined a plan to have European-led naval ships escort tankers in the Gulf amid soaring tensions over the seizure of ships. More specifically, this proposal is a direct response to Iran’s seizure of a U.K. vessel […]

Kyoto Animation Studio Fire Shocks Japan

On Thursday morning in one of Japan’s worst mass casualty incidents since World War II, a 41-year-old man poured petrol over the Kyoto Animation Studio screaming, “Die!” before igniting it. 33 people were killed and 36 more were injured by the time the fire was doused. The horrific attack shocked […]

Trade War Between Japan And South Korea 4

Japan moved to tighten controls on exports of hi-tech materials to South Korea this month, a move that has caught Seoul off guard. These materials are vital to the production of smartphones and other technologies, and South Korean tech giants, such as Samsung Electronics, SK Hynix and LG Display, are likely to be […]

The Intersection Of Buddhism And Nationalism 1

Throughout the last century, Buddhism has cultivated a peaceful image of meditation and pacifism. Buddhist temples and gardens filled with swirling incense evokes feelings of peace and zen throughout the world. However, Buddhism, like many other religions around the world, does not have a monopoly on peace. In Sri Lanka […]

Crisis In Australia’s Offshore Detention Centers 1

On June 26 2019, President of the United States Donald Trump tweeted, “These flyers depict Australia’s policy on Illegal Immigration. Much can be learned!” along with pictures of flyers distributed by the Australian government. The flyers had foreboding statements such as “You will not make Australia home”, “You won’t be […]

Turkey: Istanbul Set For Rerun Of Mayoral Vote

Nearly three weeks after the mayoral election in Istanbul, Turkey, Republican People’s Party (CHP) candidate Ekrem Imamoglu was declared the mayor of Istanbul. The CHP is the main opposition party to the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK), which is lead by Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Imamoglu’s victory broke […]

Nizar Zakka Set To Return Home After Being Held In Iran

Nizar Zakka, a Lebanese IT expert with permanent United States residency, was released from Iranian custody on June 11, 2019. Zakka was arrested in Tehran in 2015 after being convicted for espionage on behalf of the U.S. government, charges he denies. The Iranian courts sentenced Zakka to 10 years of […]

Child Marriages Worsen In Nepal 2

Unicef lists child marriages as a “violation of human rights, but is all too common”. In many parts of the world, the fight against child marriages is winning, but these same strides are not being taken in Nepal. The global rate of child marriages has dropped, in part to a decrease […]