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I am a rising junior political science major at Stonehill College with a focus on American Government and Politics.

North Korea Isn’t As Scary As We Think

North Korea has recently drawn the attention and fear of many Americans, but the scale of it may be overblown. Kim Jong-Un has earned the title as arguably the most oppressive heads of state in the world today. While the people of North Korea struggle with hunger, poverty, and security […]

Drug Treatment In The United States Taking A Dangerous Turn

The opioid crisis in the United States is an issue that has drawn a lot of attention, but government policies are threatening to make the situation significantly worse. The opioid crisis is something that the entire United States has been made aware of through substantial reporting. According to the American […]

Illegal Immigrants Turn Profits?

President Donald Trump’s fight against illegal immigration has real human costs and private companies are gearing up to exploit it. Francisco Rodriguez Guardado is currently working as a janitor at MIT. He also has a cleaning business that he operates on the side. According to Massachusetts Jobs with Justice, he […]

Swedish Immigration Policy Continues To Attack The Most Vulnerable

If you are a refugee seeking asylum in the world, Sweden may not be the country to look to. In 2015, Sweden accepted over 163,000 refugees, making Sweden the largest per capita recipient. This was due to the Swedish policy of having an open border, taking all those seeking asylum. […]

LGBTQ Rights Are Defended By California

California, the westernmost state in the United States, has instituted a ban on state-sponsored and funded travel to eight states for laws they view as discriminatory to the LGBTQ community. California was among the first states in the country to allow gay marriage in the United States. It first became […]

Ramifications Of Donald Trump’s Stance On Cuba

On Friday, June 16th,¬†Donald Trump reversed the detente between Cuba and the United States led by Obama. Strict regulations on travel were reimposed and the embargo on Cuba was reinforced. Trump’s decisions will inevitably further strain the relationship between the two countries. Cuba has long been a perpetrator and violator […]

The Gambia’s Next Step Towards Peace Must Be Measured

The election of Adama Barrow as President in The Gambia represented a shift from the brutal regime of Yahya Jammeh, where human rights concerns ran rampant. The progress made by the Barrow presidency could help to aid a population where about one-third of the population live with an income of […]

Rethinking United States Ties With Egypt

In the United States history, backing a military or fascist leader has created issues for its reputation. This has been true in Cuba, Nicaragua, Pakistan, and many other countries. What this does is leads to the ire of many countries’ citizens and people towards the United States, seeing their lack […]

North Korean Economy Brings New Need For Talks With China

Since the Korean War, North Korea has seen harsh economic sanctions placed on it, which has served to limit its growth. In particularly hard times, famine has even struck the country as the Kim dynasty clings to power. Despite these sanctions, according to a recent New York Times report, the […]

Security Threats Represented In The French Election

The French Presidential Election took place on April 23rd, with centrist Emmanuel Macron receiving a plurality of the vote at 23.9 percent, according to the French Interior Ministry’s website. Far-right National Front leader Marine Le Pen won 21.4 percent, leading to a run-off between the two of them on May […]