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I am a rising junior political science major at Stonehill College with a focus on American Government and Politics.

Ramifications Of Donald Trump’s Stance On Cuba

On Friday, June 16th, Donald Trump reversed the detente between Cuba and the United States led by Obama. Strict regulations on travel were reimposed and the embargo on Cuba was reinforced. Trump’s decisions will inevitably further strain the relationship between the two countries. Cuba has long been a perpetrator and violator […]

North Korean Economy Brings New Need For Talks With China

Since the Korean War, North Korea has seen harsh economic sanctions placed on it, which has served to limit its growth. In particularly hard times, famine has even struck the country as the Kim dynasty clings to power. Despite these sanctions, according to a recent New York Times report, the […]

Security Threats Represented In The French Election

The French Presidential Election took place on April 23rd, with centrist Emmanuel Macron receiving a plurality of the vote at 23.9 percent, according to the French Interior Ministry’s website. Far-right National Front leader Marine Le Pen won 21.4 percent, leading to a run-off between the two of them on May […]

How To Solve North Korea And Its Threats

Tensions are currently rising on the Korean Peninsula due to North Korea’s launching of four ballistic missiles. According to the New York Times, the concern could be felt in the South Korean response, where they immediately requested that the United States launch its missile defense system in order to defend […]

North Korean Nuclear Testing Leads To Potential Chinese-American Cooperation

Current tensions between the United States and North Korea have increased due to the dramatic improvements in North Korea’s nuclear capabilities. North Korea claimed that it has tested a new type of nuclear missile. According to American reports, outlined by the New York Times, this new capability will result in […]