Aoife O'Brien

About Aoife O'Brien

Aoife is a Political Correspondent for the OWP since her arrival in June earlier this year. Her interests involve a regional focus on the Middle East, neoliberalism and its connection to the global political-economy, as well as climate change and its impact on populations globally.

How Erdoğan’s Recent Frustration Towards Charlie Hebdo Reflects The Necessity Of Deconstructing Representations Of Muslim Communities

The French satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo, made headlines earlier this week for publishing a caricature of Turkish Prime Minister Erdoğan wearing a white T-shirt and pair of underpants sitting next to a woman wearing a hijab. The image has been viewed by Erdoğan and many others in Turkey as both […]

Transnational Forms Of Solidarity Through Food In New York To Beirut

The ammonium nitrate blast in Beirut, Lebanon that occurred in early August resulted in an outburst of various forms of solidarity by many living outside of the country’s borders across the globe. This kind of charitable support is an effective way to directly help the Lebanese people, especially because of […]

The Changing Nature of Oil as a Political Tool in the Middle East and How This Might Positively Impact the Natural Environment

Action on Armed Violence is a research-based NGO that has extensively investigated the environmental impact of explosive weapons in Syria, specifically reporting in the organisation’s 2020 report titled, “The Broken Land.” The research exposes an ignorance within the discourse of the fatality link between explosive weapons and their effect on […]

Could The Urgency Of The Climate Crisis Become Lost In The Complex Circumstances Of British Domestic Politics?

British Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced plans of a “green recovery” in early July, which intends to simultaneously tackle the socio-economic impact of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the looming reality of climate breakdown within Britain. The plan consists of green investment into various state entities to facilitate the transition from […]

Uneven Strengths In Populism: Duda’s Grip On Power In Poland Versus A Weakened Trump In The U.S.

President Andrzej Duda narrowly won the presidential election in Poland earlier this month with a campaign based on anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric, in order to galvanize support from groups of over-60 who possess politically conservative views and live in rural parts of the country. The election result was extremely tight, since the […]

The Embeddedness Of Institutional Racism In British Higher Education: David Starkey Resigns As Honorary Fellow Of Cambridge

The renowned British historian, David Starkey, was recently forced to resign from his position as honorary fellow of Fitzwilliam College at Cambridge University; a result of the appalling and racist views that he advocated regarding past colonial practices of the British Empire. Starkey’s controversial view of slavery resulted in widespread […]

Beijing’s National Security Law In Hong Kong: Will Pro-Democracy Protest Be Possible?

On June 30th, a national security law devised by state officials in Beijing under the President Xi Jinping administration was passed in Hong Kong. For years, Hong Kong has resided in an uncertain state, mainly due to its semiautonomous existence and relationship to the Chinese Communist Party. The territory’s access […]

Tension Between Fallacy And Truth: The Case Of MP Rebecca Long-Bailey’s Departure From The Labour Party In British Politics

On June 25th, the U.K. Shadow Education Secretary, Rebecca Long-Bailey, was requested to step down from her position by the leader of the Labour Party, Keir Starmer. Long-Bailey had retweeted an interview with British actress Maxine Peak on Twitter that included a statement claiming that tactics used by U.S. police forces […]

The U.S.-Israeli Relationship Under President Trump: Settler Colonial Expansion Enforced By Collaborative Practices In Police-State Violence

From the 1st of July, plans to annex illegal Israeli territories in occupied Palestine – including the Golan Heights and parts of the West Bank – are intended to go ahead in coordination with U.S. support under the Trump administration. The Israeli Minister of Settlement Affairs, Tzipi Hotovely, recently announced […]

Increased Border Tensions Between China And India: How Two Super-Powers Pursue National Interests During A Global Pandemic

Last month, Foreign Policy reported two instances of cross-border confrontations between the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and India’s armed forces on the contested territorial zone known as the Line of Actual Control (LAC). These collisions consisted of fistfights and stone-throwing between soldiers resulting in more than 100 injuries across […]