Anuja Kapoor

About Anuja Kapoor

Executive director of the OWP Canadian division, Anuja Kapoor is pursuing a double major in international relations and human geography. Her passion for writing, research and current events sparked her interest in the OWP vision. She is particularly interested in raising awareness about environmental sustainability and water conservation.

Complete Blackout: Crimea Struggles With Power Crisis

A state of emergency was declared in Crimea on November 22nd after pylons carrying electricity from Ukraine were blown up, leaving nearly two million people in an extensive blackout. The explosions occurred on Friday and Sunday night, cutting off Crimea’s four main transmission lines from Ukraine and forcing the peninsula to […]

Justice For Journalists: A Petition To End Impunity

November 2nd marked the International Day to End Impunity for Crimes against Journalists. United Nations Secretary General, Ban-Ki Moon, honoured the deaths of journalists and media reporters killed in the line of duty. He called on greater communitarian support and collective action to safeguard the rights of journalists to speak […]

Without Peace, Ending World Hunger “Will Never Be Achieved”

The 2015 Global Hunger Index (GHI) has concluded that hunger in developing countries has fallen by 27% since 2000. While this is a substantial decline, there is still a long way to go in order to finally eradicate hunger in conflict-ridden and vulnerable states. Despite the decline, the state of […]

The South China Sea Resource War

Over the past 18 months, a dispute surrounding geopolitical resources has consumed several states bordering the South China Sea. This makes one thing clear: there brews a potentially combative situation that will not impasse without collective cooperation on the far Southeast Asian peninsula. The situation grew tense as China took […]

International Challenges Of The 21st Century

September 21st was a symbolic day as it marked an international event devoted to spreading unity, solidarity and global independence, while celebrating the not-so-impossible thought of world peace. September 21st was World Peace Day. For strategic leaders of the 21st century primarily concerned with issues of foreign policy and national […]

Syrian Refugee Crisis: Will the World be a By-Stander?

A picture of a Syrian toddler washed ashore a Turkish beach has sparked an international outcry, marking the escalating need for international aid as the Syrian refugee crisis continues. The boy lay motionless on the seashore before a rescue worker picked up his frail body. The images, deeply disturbing, have […]

Peace Deal Confirmed as Heat Continues in South Sudan

South Sudanese president, Salva Kiir, has struck a peace deal to permanently alleviate the civil conflict that has tormented his nation for over 20 months. The agreement commits government forces and rebels to a permanent ceasefire within 72 hours of signing. It also declares child soldiers and prisoners of war are […]