Annie Zhu

Health Scares Fuel Racism In The Modern Era

The recent coronavirus outbreak in China has significantly heightened fears of a global pandemic, fuelling racism in the wake of social media. In the modern era, where individuals are more connected to their devices than to print media, information is accessed faster and more frequently online. Unlike our predecessors, we […]

Coronavirus Outbreak Reawakens Anti-Chinese Racism: I’m Not A Virus

Major Wealth Disparity Disproportionately Affect Elderly in South Korea

Major Wealth Disparity Disproportionately Affect Elderly in South Korea

South Korea has rapidly transformed itself into a major player on the international stage in a matter of decades. It’s a nation of rapid growth, innovation and ever-increasing life expectancy, studied in business schools around the world as a model of rapid upskilling, and technological innovation. Currently the 4th largest […]

Food Shortages In Zimbabwe Have Heavy Impacts On Women

Zimbabwe is currently facing its worst food shortage in over a decade, leaving almost 8 million people food-insecure. The country, once the region’s breadbasket and rich in fertile crops, is currently plagued by widespread drought and flooding. Women and children are most vulnerable to this crisis, being the ones least […]

Coronavirus Disease Fuels Fears Of Health Crisis In Asia

Coronavirus Disease Fuels Fears Of Health Crisis In Asia

Fears have begun to spread in China over the coronavirus disease, potentially raising prospects of a health crisis spreading through Asia. Originating in Wuhan, China, the coronavirus disease is a pneumonia-like illness. It has been identified as a cousin of the SARS virus, a sickness that spread across Asia in […]

Food (In)Security In South-East Asia

Food security grows increasingly more important in today’s interconnected world, especially in an age where demand for international exports and diverse cuisines is larger than ever. In southeast Asia, a region that hosts some of the largest populations in the world, access to food is essential to continue global security. […]

Food (In)Security In South-East Asia

British Woman Arrested For Reporting Alleged Rape

On December 30th 2019, a 19-year old British woman was found guilty of public mischief by a Cyprian court for alleging that she had been gang-raped by 12 Israeli men in Avia Napa. Unnamed for her protection, she was handed a 4 month prison term, suspended for 3 years on […]

Argentinian Protests Over New Mining Laws

Over the past week, protests have sprung up in Argentina over a controversial new mining law passed by the government. Titled ‘Law 7722’ and first passed in 2002, the legislation recently added an amendment on December 21st, giving the green light for increased mining in the Mendoza province. The protests […]

Malta’s Parliament Under Seige

Over the course of the past two weeks, Malta’s Parliament has experienced mass protests from over 4,000 citizens demanding the Prime Minister, Joseph Muscat, step down from office immediately. Whilst these protests have led to Muscat’s 1 December announcement that he will resign, this promise will only take effect on […]