Annie Zhu

Water Security: Are We Doing Enough?

Year by year, we have seen the world’s accessibility, supply, and availability of water decrease, raising serious questions about whether we are doing enough to secure our water. Water security is particularly relevant in Australia, as continued drought has placed increasing pressure on primary industries, many involving agriculture and irrigation. […]

The Impact Of Female Peace Movements In Bougainville

In a territory of just 9318km2, situated in the Asia-Pacific, Bougainville has undergone significant change in recent years, having witnessed the power and influence of female peace movements. The Bougainville Civil War of 1988-1998 resulted in the loss of over 15,000 lives through the conflict between the Bougainville Revolutionary Army […]

Major Wealth Disparity Disproportionately Affect Elderly in South Korea

South Korea has rapidly transformed itself into a major player on the international stage in a matter of decades. It’s a nation of rapid growth, innovation and ever-increasing life expectancy, studied in business schools around the world as a model of rapid upskilling, and technological innovation. Currently the 4th largest […]