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Currently a sophomore at Wellesley College majoring in political science, with a special interest in East Asia and nuclear politics.

Limitations Of The Hukou System On China’s Socio-Economic Development

In defining modern China, rapid economic growth has become an intrinsic component in crafting national identity and has become a top state priority. However, with increasing development, China faces some critical social challenges as urbanization has led to mass migration, a rising middle class, high unemployment rates, and enormous urban […]

Prospects Of Peace Leading Up To The Inter-Korean Summit

One of the biggest gains South Korea achieved from its Olympic diplomacy with North Korea was Kim Jong Un’s personal invitation to president Moon Jae-in to hold an inter-Korean summit, scheduled to be held in May. This would mark a monumental progress in inter-Korean dialogue and relations since the start […]

The Dark Side To South Korea’s Olympic Diplomacy With North Korea

One of the main highlights of the 2018 Pyeong Chang Winter Olympics that caught the world’s attention was the joint entry of both South and North Korean athletes during the opening ceremony. They all wore uniforms with simply “Korea” written on them and marched under a single flag depicting a […]

Terrorist Shooting At Hotel In Kabul

Yesterday in Kabul, five gunmen wearing army uniforms burst into the Intercontinental Hotel and attacked guests in the building.  Witnesses who survived the terrorist attack described “guests being sprayed with bullets as they ran” amidst parts of the hotel engulfed in flames.  Survivors also commented on how the hotel security […]

The Beginning Of A New Inter-Korean Relationship

On January 5th, 2018, North Korea had agreed to initiate official talks with South Korea. This meeting, scheduled to be held Tuesday, will be the first high-level dialogue in over two years. At least five calls have been made via the cross-border hotline between the South and the North in […]

Tackling Child Trafficking For Domestic Servitude In India

The rising middle-class demand for domestic workers is fuelling the trade in child trafficking in India. In impoverished and remote villages, it becomes too common of a story where children are reported missing on the way home, to school, or to the market. With India’s growing economy, increasing families with […]

Libya’s Human Trafficking Issue

On Thursday, the UN Security Council strongly condemned the flourishing human slave trade market in Libya. This statement was made after a video was released of men, who were described as “big strong boys for farm work,” being auctioned off for $400. The controversial footage of several men being sold […]

North Korea’s ICBM Tests: The Dangers Of Isolation

Earlier this week, North Korea fired a ballistic missile, once again, which reportedly is the “most powerful ICBM (intercontinental ballistic missile), which meets the goal of the completion of the rocket weaponry system development set by the DPRK,” according to Yonhap news. The missile, fired from a city called Pyongsong […]

Protests In Pakistan

On Saturday, violent clashes between protestors and security forces were reported in Islamabad, Pakistan’s capital. Sources say the clashes resulted in at least six dead and 200 injured. An estimate of 8,500 elite and paramilitary forces participated in the now suspended operation, where tear gas and rubber bullets were reportedly […]

The Perils Of Politicizing The North Korean Human Rights Issue

North Korea is a hot topic in contemporary media. Officially known as DPRK, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, this is a state that works in isolation in an increasingly interconnected global community. With labels such as “rogue state,” or a regime led by a “rocket man,” the world media […]