Anita Mureithi

About Anita Mureithi

Anita has been involved with the OWP since early 2020. She is currently a Senior Correspondent writing as part of the European Division. She recently completed a masters degree in International Relations where she focused on the analyses of gender, race and war. Anita is interested primarily in the participation of women in foreign affairs and international security.

No Peace Without Women – Ending The Cycle Of Conflict In Afghanistan

On 24 June, the head of Kabul’s negotiation team, Abdullah Abdullah expressed concern over an increase in violence by the Taliban, stating that it presents a challenge in starting peace talks with the group. This development follows a week during which hundreds of security force personnel have been killed in […]

Yemen’s Children Deserve Better: The UN’s ‘List of Shame’

On 15th of June, the United Nations removed Saudi forces from their annual blacklist of parties who have violated children’s rights. The decision came as a shock to many, given the UN’s own investigators found that there were hundreds of children who were killed or injured last year in Saudi […]

Pride Began With Protests: The Black Lives Matter Movement And Pride Month

Pride Month is usually a time for celebration and reflection. However, this year’s gay Pride is happening in the middle of a global health crisis and civil unrest. As worldwide protests against systemic racism and police brutality are taking place, several LGBTQ organizations are refocusing their Pride events in alignment […]

Committing Human Rights Atrocities In The Name Of National Security: Unarmed Detainees Executed In Burkina Faso

On Monday 20 April 2020, Human Rights Watch called for an immediate investigation following the execution of 31 unarmed detainees by Burkina Faso’s security forces in the northern town of Djibo, approximately 200 kilometres north of the capital Ouagadougou. The men, all from the Fulani ethnic group, were allegedly killed […]

Coronavirus: The Effect Of A Global Pandemic On Migrant Domestic Workers Facing Abuse And Exploitation

The lockdowns and self-isolation orders imposed by governments around the world have proven to slow the spread of COVID-19. However, the dark reality is that the kafala system still traps many of the African and Asian migrant domestic workers in the Middle East. As the number of coronavirus cases rises, […]

Behind The Rest: Japan Set To Declare A State Of Emergency After Calls To Enforce Tighter Restrictions Regarding COVID-19

In a bid to tackle the increasingly rapid spread of coronavirus, Japan’s prime minister, Shinzo Abe is anticipated to declare a state of emergency in Tokyo and six other regions. In comparison to countries such as the U.S., Italy, and Spain, Japan has a relatively small number of outbreaks. Initially, […]