Angus Wilson

About Angus Wilson

I am a third year victoria univeristy student studying Law and Public Policy.I have great interest in world events and working for the OWP allows me to keep up to date with world events while engaging in them in a manner that supports a cause I whole heartedly support. That cause being world peace.

America’s Democracy Suffers Another Blow As More Whistle-Blowers Punished

Ground-breaking scandals that have brought down titans and uncovered crimes against humanities have all stemmed from courageous whistle-blowers. They are cornerstones of our democracies and must be protected and allowed to hold our institutions accountable. Yet today, the damage America does to its whistle-blowers was once again highlighted. As of […]

Trump Downplays Injuries Sustained By U.S. Soldiers Following Iranian Retaliation

The Guardian reported that “Thirty-four U.S. soldiers have been diagnosed with concussion or traumatic brain injury from an 8 January Iranian missile attack on their base in Iraq, the Pentagon has revealed.” Injuries such as these show the insidious and subtle ways in which war ruins lives. Its destructive reach […]

Japan’s Pacifist Constitution Is Under Threat

Article 9 of the Japanese constitution states the “Japanese people forever renounce war as a sovereign right of the nation and the threat or use of force as means of settling international disputes”. This was a ground-breaking constitution, unique in history, and written in response to the atrocities committed by […]

London Bridge Attack Sparks Debate Over Rehabilitation Policy

In the aftermath of a tragedy, British politicians have resorted to finger-pointing, with two innocent lives lost at the hands of a supposedly rehabilitated terrorist. Boris Johnson and Labour chose to play the blame game, and despite the victims family’s wishes, have politicized a tragedy. Each points their finger at […]

Antisemitism Scandal Continues To Hound The U.K. Labour Party

The past years have seen the U.K.’s Labour Party followed by accusations of endemic Antisemitism and criticism over their disciplinary action regarding it. In the build-up to a tense and fraught election, it is worth examining these claims and evaluating Labour’s reaction to them. For such left-leaning political party accusations […]