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Andrew is currently studying Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics at the Australian National University.

China Demolishes Buildings at Tibetan Buddhist Academy Due to “Overcrowding”

The London-based Free Tibet group published several pictures on Twitter (  and video footage ( on YouTube, showing wooden buildings razed to the ground. According to Free Tibet, the activity follows an order last month by the Chinese authorities to cut the number of Larung Gar residents by half to […]

Permanent Court Of Arbitration To Settle South China Sea Conflict

  The Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA), which is the oldest international arbitration tribunal, will hand down its ruling on Tuesday concerning the bitter dispute over the South China Sea. PCA will issue a written decision at 11:00 AM (0900 GMT) on Tuesday, after the Philippines challenged China’s claim. Manila […]

The Colombian Government And The Farc Signed The Ceasefire Agreement, Ending The Longest-Running Civil War

  The Colombian Government and the FARC rebels, The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, told the media that they have reached an agreement on a ceasefire, and how disarmament would take place. This will effectively end the armed conflict, which claimed about 220,000 lives, and displaced almost seven million. In […]

Can Suu Kyi’s Government Deliver A Peaceful Resolution For The Rohingya Crisis In Myanmar?

The Rohingya, who live in the Rhakine State, are a Muslim minority in predominantly Buddhist Myanmar, formerly known as Burma. They have been systematically denied the most fundamental human rights such as citizenship, freedom of worship, education, marriage and travel. The issues were put in a spot light in 2012, […]