Hanyu Huang

About Hanyu Huang

Hanyu Huang was born in 1994 in China. Migrated to Canada in 2006. Graduated from University of Toronto in 2016 from the Economics and International Relations program. Interested in East Asian economic and security issues.

Trump And The Asia-Pacific

While the world’s attention is fixed on the fiasco of Trump’s Muslim ban, there have been interesting developments regarding Trump’s policy towards the Asia-Pacific.  Trump has apparently called the Chinese President Xi Jinping and backtracked on his earlier threat to renegotiate the One China policy. This is the first phone […]

Donald Trump And The Madman Theory

Donald Trump promised to make America unpredictable during his election campaign. If he has not changed his mind, then he has succeeded in that goal. A significant part of Trump’s unpredictability comes from his complete disregard for political protocols, whether formal or informal.  Trump’s blatant disregard for rules is apparent […]

Shinzo Abe’s Visit To Southeast Asia, Return Of Cold War Style Diplomacy?

The Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, on the 13th of January, began his four-nation speed tour of Southeast Asian nations. The Japanese prime minister dined at the Filipino president’s private residence at Davos and agreed to a $9 billion USD investment package and $5 million worth of patrol boats with the […]

Chinese Internet Trolls Battle Taiwanese Security Staff Over The New Year

Chinese cyber-activists/internet trolls battled Taiwanese military security personnel using Facebook-trolling posts over the New Year. Chinese netizens from Di Ba, an ultra-patriotic internet forum in China, plastered Taiwan’s Military of National Defence Facebook page with trolling posts including pandas, pro-PRC cartoons, and the PRC flag. The incident came after Wei […]

Populism And Staying Power

Introduction 2016 has been a year when world politics has turned upside-down. The electoral success of many populist leaders around the world, whether in the developing or the developed world, has overturned many of the post-WWII conventions regarding politics and democracy. Populism is when politicians claim they derive legitimacy directly […]

Trump’s Cabinet Appointments Set A Worrying Precedent For Future Of Public Governance In The United States

The composition of the Trump cabinet and his advisors is an interesting grouping of corporate executives, military generals, and people that closely align with Trump’s ideology. With Donald Trump announcing his pick for Secretary of State being the current CEO of Exxon Mobil, the majority of the most important positions […]

APEC Leaders Pledge To Maintain Free Trade Despite Growing Global Backlash

Despite a series of elections around the world that saw anti-trade and anti-globalization forces coming to power, the 2016 APEC leaders continue to endorse the agenda of international trade and openness. The combined trade of the countries represented by APEC describes 49% of the global volume. However, for all of […]

Oppositional Protests Erupt Nationwide In Wake Of Trump’s Victory

  With U.S. election coming to a close, the world is still reeling from the consequences – none more than the U.S. itself. While world leaders continue to learn how to cope with president-elect trump, protests, and even violence, has broken out in many American cities. Within days of the election, rioters […]

The Strange Relationship Of ASEAN And China

The ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) Leaders Summit 2016 that concluded on September 7th 2016 ended on a somewhat awkward note when it comes to ASEAN-China relationships. Only hours prior to the scheduled meeting between ASEAN leaders and the Chinese premier Li Keqiang, Philippines dramatically unveiled photos of what […]

China-South Korea-Japan Trilateral Meeting Fails To Decrease Tensions

The trilateral meeting of Chinese, South Korean, and Japanese foreign ministers convened in Japan on August 24th. The meeting failed to produce any concrete plan to reduce existing tensions between the three states. Tensions in East Asia has risen sharply since 2012 when the Japanese government nationalized the Senkaku/Diaoyou islands […]

The Philippines: In Between China And The United States

The last few weeks have seen many unexpected twists and turns on foreign policy from the Philipino president Rodrigo Duterte regarding the Philippines’ foreign policy orientation. At first, Duterte had seemed to indicate he would cooperate with the China and engage in bilateral talks. After the results of the South […]