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Andrew McKean is a Journalism student at Macquarie University in Sydney. He has an interest in cultural anthropology and has interviewed Binod Pariyar of the hit documentary series 'Walking the Himalayas'.

Indian Brick Kilns: A New Age Of Workplace Slavery

The Indian brick making industry is rife with cases of systematic slavery. Up to 23 million people are enslaved across India’s 125,000 brick kiln factories. One-third of those enslaved are children. Despite being prohibited in the Indian Constitution, and international law, millions of Indian’s are intergenerationally trapped by debt-bondage schemes. […]

Mixed Reaction For Incumbent Prime Minister Boris Johnson

New U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has inherited the ongoing Brexit dilemma as well as a gradually crumbling domestic economy. Three years after the Brexit referendum to leave the European Union, almost no progress has been made, and two Prime Ministers have been pushed into resignation. Johnson faces the momentous […]

Trump’s Mexican Immigration Deal – Asylum Seeker Crisis Continues 1

The Trump Administration has called off its tariff threat against Mexican importers. Two days before the proposed commencement of his unpopular duty tax on Mexican goods, President Trump has announced a new bilateral trade agreement. It’s hoped that the agreement will mitigate persistent cross-national tensions which have ignited from Trump’s […]

Curfew Enforced In Negombo – Security Or Social Control?

Negombo is in lockdown. In the aftermath of the coordinated terrorist bombings in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday, community tensions have escalated in Negombo. Since the bombings, the Government has imposed a state of emergency granting security forces heightened powers. Sri Lankan authorities claim that these provisional powers ensure public […]