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Ask me where I’m from? I have no answer. I’ve lived in three different countries and have gone to over seven different schools around the world. An aspiring political analyst with a penchant for the Middle East and South Asia. Student at Wesleyan University

The Grueling Syrian War

Syria has been under much political struggle and strife. From ISIS to the Assad regime, Syrians have inched their way to survival, causing a mass exodus from the state. The story starts when the Bush administration drops bombs over Iraq in search of supposed weapons of mass destruction. These bombs […]

South African President Appeals For Calm After Violent Protests

Cyril Ramaphosa, South Africa’s new president, appealed for calm after protests on April 21st.  The citizens of the North West province of South Africa were protesting against their provincial leader on charges of corruption. People in this province have not been getting the resources they need due to a lack […]

ICC Prosecutor Requests Rule On Jurisdiction Over Rohingya Crisis

The International Criminal Court is currently opening a probe into its options with the ongoing Rohingya Crisis. Fatou Bensouda, Gambian lawyer and chief ICC prosecutor, asked the court to make an affirmative decision on whether or not it had jurisdiction of the war crimes and mass deportation occurring in the […]

Savchenko Stripped Of Immunity In Ukraine, Implicated In Terror Plot

Nadiya Savchenko, a national Ukrainian hero and lawmaker, was detained by Ukraine on March 15th over a possible plot to overthrow the Ukrainian government. Ukrainian parliament members voted to strip her of all political immunity for she was accused of planning a large-scale attack on the government through weaponry acquired […]