Alice Guirguis

Democratic Republic Of Congo Faces A Crisis Of Ebola, Food Scarcity, And Ethnic Conflict

Communities in the North-East of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) are facing severe malnutrition, extreme violence, displacement, and an outbreak of Ebola. Each of these issues constitutes a massive challenge and leaves the people of the DRC extremely vulnerable. The North Kivu and Ituri provinces are living through the […]

UN Counter-Terrorism Head, Vladimir Voronkov, Visits Xinjiang

 UN Office of Counter-Terrorism head, Vladimir Voronkov, has visited the capital of Xinjiang in China, at the invitation of Beijing. The North-Western region of China is home to millions of ethnic Uyghurs and Turkic peoples, with close to one million of these held in detention centres in the name of […]

African Union Suspends Sudanese Membership Following Attacks On Civilians

The African Union (AU) has suspended Sudan’s membership with immediate effect following a brutal crackdown Monday on peaceful protests in the capital. According to international sources, such as Amnesty International and Al Jazeera, more than 500 were injured and over 100 confirmed killed. In a flagrant abuse of human rights, […]

Haftar Calls Upon Forces To ‘Wipe Out’ The Enemy In Tripoli

Libya’s self-styled marshall, Khalifa Haftar, has uploaded a video calling upon his forces to take the capital, Tripoli, and teach government forces an “even harder lesson”. Tripoli, and the surrounding region of Libya’s northwest, have been experiencing heavy fighting since the assault began on 4 April. Forces were warned by […]