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About Ashley Lamoreaux

My name is Ashley Lamoreaux and I am a senior International Studies student at Arcadia University. My ultimate goal is to travel the world with as little amenities as possible, seeking truth in order to bridge the gap of understanding between peoples and cultures. I aspire to join the Peace Corps, work in international development, and become a freelance travel journalist and photographer! I'm an aspiring auto-mechanic, singer/song writer, and an advocate for peace and sustainability. I've just returned from South Africa after living there for an entire year. If you'd like to see some videos from my scooter trip across the country, check out my new Youtube channel!

Tensions Escalate Between Indonesia And China After Dispute In Maritime Sovereignty; Indonesia Mobilizes Fishermen

In an unforeseen escalation of tension between Indonesia and China regarding fishing rights off the South Asia coast, Indonesia is set to mobilize fishermen to join warships in the South China Sea to defend the waters from Chinese vessels, the Independent reports. The discrepancy stems from the disillusioned and ambiguous […]

Preliminary Results Of Afghanistan’s September Election Claim Ghani’s Narrow Win

After delays in preliminary results, the incumbent President of Afghanistan—Ashraf Ghani—has claimed a “narrow win” in the preliminary presidential election that was held on September 28th of 2019, Reuters reports. Afghanistan—a country ridden with insurgent violence, radicalism, and internationally induced instability—held their first democratic elections in 2004 via the 2001 […]

Long-standing Bolivian President Evo Morales Resigns After Weeks Of Protest

Long-standing Bolivian president Evo Morales announced his resignation on Sunday in an effort to encourage peace and stability following weeks of protests against his re-election. Protesters have accused the president of committing election fraud in the country’s most recent election, and the military formally asked the president to step down […]

Northern Ireland Grudgingly Legalizes Abortion And Same-Sex Marriage

The British Parliament, amidst the collapse of Northern Ireland’s local government, has just announced the legalization of both abortion and same-sex marriage in the traditionally conservative Northern Ireland. According to the New York Times, due to the collapse of Northern Ireland’s governing assembly three years ago, British Parliament was able […]

Violent Protests in Papua After Racist Comments Against Indigenous People

Protests held by high school students turned violent in the Papua and West Papua regions of Indonesia after a teacher allegedly called an indigenous student a “monkey”. These latests riots follow violent protests in August over similar racist remarks. Over 20 people have been reported dead—a number set to rise […]

Netanyahu’s Race For Fifth Term As Israeli Prime Minister

Israel will vote today in the second national election within a five-month period, where current Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will be standing for reelection in a pivotal moment for Israeli politics. After having failed to form a majority-seat coalition with other right-wing parties following the November election, Israel is […]

UN Calls For Accountability In Most Recent Saudi-UAE Coalition Airstrike That Killed 100 People

The United Nations’s delegate in Yemen condemned an airstrike at a prison run by Houthi rebels, one that could be considered the deadliest done this year by the Saudi-UAE coalition, according to the Yemen Data Project and Al Jazeera. Martin Griffiths, who was elected as the Special Envoy of the […]