Aisha Parker

About Aisha Parker

Aisha Parker is a postgraduate student at Curtin University in Perth, Western Australia. She is currently studying a Masters Degree of International Relations and National Security, specialising in International Security and Intelligence Studies. In her Bachelor's Degree she majored in History with minors in Professional Writing and Literature.

Trump Administration Struggles To Reunite Refugee Families

After months of attempting to process asylum seekers, the Trump Administration continues to struggle to successfully reunite broken families. These refugees were detained due to illegally crossing the United States’ south-west (US-Mexico) border. This began with the implementation of a “Zero Tolerance” policy that was announced on May 7th 2018 […]

Jordan Launches Aid Campaign For Deraa Refugees

Since June 17th, the United Nations has estimated that 330,000 Syrian refugees have become displaced due to the battle against Deraa rebels in Syria’s south. On June 19th, President Bashar al-Assad’s regime alongside Russian armed forces commenced their offensive in Deraa and the Quneitra province in southern Syria. According to […]