Aidan Simardone

About Aidan Simardone

Aidan Simardone is a current student at the University of Toronto's Munk School of Global Affairs, and works at the NATO Association of Canada. His current interests include the Syrian Civil War, far right extremism, and ethnic conflict.

Ineffective And Arbitrary: Why Canada Must Repeal The Listing Of Terrorist Groups

They wish to overthrow the United States government through attacks against civilians and infrastructure. They hope to acquire nuclear weapons and use them to obliterate their enemies. They believe that a global apocalypse is imminent and that a utopian society will emerge from the ashes. Such a society is only […]

Not Georgia, Not Crimea: Ethnic Russian Discrimination In Estonia And Latvia 1

In 2008, Russia justified its invasion of the Republic of Georgia under the pretext of protecting the rights of ethnic Abkhazians and Ossetians. Six years later, it made a similar argument when it invaded the Crimean peninsula in Ukraine, stating that military action was necessary to protect Russians from the […]

Hate Speech Is Not Free Speech: The Violence Of Holocaust Denialism And Why It Should Be Illegal

Disclaimer: the following article discusses holocaust denialism and anti-Semitism. Some readers may find this content disturbing Recently, the United States has seen a rise in anti-Semitic attacks: Jewish schools have received bomb threats, graves have been spray-painted with swastikas, and synagogues have been shot at. In one week alone, there […]

Permanent Peace In Serbia: Russia, Kosovo, Republika Srpska, And The Right To Self Determination

After being silent for several years, tensions in the Balkans have risen again. After the completion of a train line from Belgrade to the ethnic Serbian town of Mitrovica in Kosovo, Serbia sent a train emblazoned with the words “Kosovo Is Serbia”. In response, the Kosovar government sent soldiers to […]