Amira Higazy

U.S. Expands Sanctions Against Venezuelan Government 1

Last Monday, U.S. President Donald Trump announced the expansion of sanctions against Venezuela into a full economic embargo. The executive order freezes all assets of Nicolás Maduro’s government and prohibits transactions with it, unless specifically exempted, stating that “the making of any contribution or provision of funds, goods, or services […]

Ethiopia Planted More Than 353 Million Tree Seedlings In 12-Hours To Tackle Climate Change

The Horn of Africa is currently experiencing a prolonged drought affecting mostly Somalia, northern Kenya, and south-eastern Ethiopia following the late and sub-optimal 2019 spring rains. As a result, crop planting was delayed, and pasture regeneration and replenishment of water sources did not materialize, further impacting the already dire food […]

Researchers Memorialize First Icelandic Glacier Lost To Climate Change

In 2014, scientists announced that Iceland’s first major glacier, Okjökul – famously known as ‘Ok’ – has disappeared. This August, researchers are commemorating the lost glacier with a monument and “A letter to the future” urging for climate action. The monument is scheduled to be installed at the site of […]