Adewale Daniel Omojowo

About Adewale Daniel Omojowo

Mr Adewale Daniel Omojowo is a dedicated researcher in the field environmental economics, sustainable development and climate change. Mr Omojowo has a bachelor degree in Business Administration and Management, and a Master degree in Applied Economics form the University of Yaounde II Soa, Cameroon. After witnessing various social ills going on in world, he decided to fully participate in conflict resolution, environmental problems, climate change and regionale governance. He is currently a correspondent for the Organisation of World Peace and an activist for women and girls empowerment.

When will the killings end? Evidence of the Burundian crisis

For some decades now, many African leaders, who call themselves democratic presidents, have been thwarting the face of their constitution and violating constitutional rights for their selfish reasons. It is now clear that many African leaders have resolved to eternalise themselves in power in the likes of Paul Biya (Cameroon), Theodore […]

Climate Change: A Result of Human Unsustainable Activities Threatens Word Peace and Development

For a decade now the issues surrounding climate change have been at the centre of all international, diplomatic, and local discussions for the simple reason that the planet is suffering due to environmental degradation, deforestation, loss of biodiversity, and all sorts of pollutant that is being injected into the air. […]

Enhancing Real Democracy And Peace In Africa: Evidence From Benin Republic

  Many years have gone by since the Republic of Benin obtained its independence from its colonial master, the French, on August 1, 1960. The Republic of Benin shares a direct boundary with Togo in the west, Nigeria to the east, and Niger and Burkina Faso to the north. Today, […]

A Quest For Peace: Nigeria’s Fight Against Boko Haram

  With a population of nearly 177 million within its borders, Nigeria also shares a common border of 770 km with the Republic of Benin, 1500 km with the Republic of Niger, more than 1700 km with Cameroon, 90 km with Chad, and 850 km of maritime border in the […]