Adewale Daniel Omojowo

About Adewale Daniel Omojowo

Mr Adewale Daniel Omojowo is a dedicated researcher in the field environmental economics, sustainable development and climate change. Mr Omojowo has a bachelor degree in Business Administration and Management, and a Master degree in Applied Economics form the University of Yaounde II Soa, Cameroon. After witnessing various social ills going on in world, he decided to fully participate in conflict resolution, environmental problems, climate change and regionale governance. He is currently a correspondent for the Organisation of World Peace and an activist for women and girls empowerment.

Cameroon Slowly Moving To A War Zone

In recent years, Cameroon – a peaceful country in Central Africa ruled by President Paul Biya – has transitioned from a tranquil harbor to a site of horror. The Cameroonian army has been battling with Boko Haram militants on the northern border alongside security forces from Nigeria, Niger, and Chad. […]

Former Ivorian President Release By The International Criminal Court

Merely a year after the Ivorian presidential election in 2010, President Koudou Laurent Gbagbo was arraigned in court by the Ivorian judicial institution and the International Criminal court. In April 2011 Laurent Gbagbo was arrested after a short post-period of civil conflict in which about 3,000 people were killed. Laurent Gbagbo […]

The 2018 Korean Dialogue

Decades after 75,000 soldiers from the North Korean People’s Army poured across the 38th parallel, the boundary between the soviet-backed Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, to the north and the pro-western Republic of Korea to the South, led to the death of over 5 million soldiers and civilian lives during […]

Chaos Caused By The French Franc In French West And Central Africa

For over a decade now, in the French African territories known as the ‘Franc Zone,’ where the CFA franc is being used as a medium of exchange, there are persistent issues surrounding the abolishing and continual usage of the CFA franc that was brought to these countries by the French […]

The Arena Of Bloodshed And Crimes Against Humanity: The Case Of Burundi

For over a three decades now, African political affairs have been dominated by leaders who ‘’eternalise’’ themselves in power thereby plunging their nations into severe poverty, slow growth rate, civil wars, division, and unending bloodshed. This political situation has been rampant all over the African continent and needs to stop. […]

Unity, Peace, And Cooperation: A Price To Pay

For a decade now in international and local affairs, the world, in general, have been facing all sorts of issues. These issues have stemmed from war, conflict, disintegration, and terrorism. In addition, the huge violation of human rights and human dignity have been perpetrated by some tyrant leaders and some terrorists […]

State Of The Humanitarian Crisis In Northeastern Nigeria

For over a decade now, the northeastern region of Nigeria has been experiencing constant terrorist attacks and killings of innocent refugees and displaced persons. Nigeria shares borders with Cameroon, Chad, and Niger, all of which are situated around the Lake Chad Basin. Over the years, the Lake Chad Basin has […]

South Africa: In Opposition To The Legacy Of Nelson Mandela

For over five years now, Africans have supported the mass killing of their fellow African brothers and sisters. Countries like Angola, Equatorial Guinea, Morocco, Egypt, Sudan, Somalia, and South Africa have been blacklisted by many research experts in homicide and genocide attacks. South Africa, a country that has witnessed one of […]

Nigeria: Ongoing “Genocidal” Elimination Of Southern Kaduna Christians

The fight against terrorism and violent extremism in the sub-Saharan has been a serious issue these past years, especially in countries located around the Lake Chad Basin. The international community, as well as national and local authorities, in the past decade, have drawn on strategies, policies, and models to determine […]

A New Dawn For Gambia

Like most African leaders, Yahya Jammeh has been in power for over 22 years in Gambia and, has, during his term in office imprisoned many political personalities and freedom fighters, killed many, and ruled his country as a monarch. It should be recalled that Gambia’s authoritarian President of 22 years, […]